Silver Springs 2

Silver Springs, Texas

The train slowly crossed the trussel as a lone figure sat in the passanger car, people stared in awe of him. A toothpick hung from his lip, his face unshaven for what looked like months. He looked over to the people, they gasped at the sight of him, looking away to whisper amongst themselves

"I heard he held up three banks in Memphis"

"I was told that he is wanted by the MARSHALLS, can you believe that."

"Killed three guys with one shot, fastest gun in the States"

He tightened his teeth, nearly breaking the pick in his mouth as the common folk sat, rumored and whispered about him as if he wasn't there. His gloved hand slowly run down his black vest to the leather belt and holster. He closed his eyes, as he tensed his grip around the gun. A bit of sweat ran down his face, the toothpick broke and his eyes opened.

"Ticket please..." Spoke a voice, Jack released the gun and looked to see the conductor holding his hand out with a smile on his face.

"Heh, right. Nearly forgot about that." Jack said, his voice gruff and deep. He reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a small slip of paper, handing it to the conductor. A click was heard as he punched the hole, then handed it back.

"Have a pleasant ride, sir. Silver Springs is just within the hour." He spoke happily as he walked to the next seat.

"Happy day, Happy day," He said, his voice held deep sarcasm, placing his arm on the seat rest and continued to watch the desert savannah pass by.

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