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The AR-War Mech Mark is a battle robot designed by Bishamon Chang.


Designed to battle against the widely-known organization known as VIPER, Bishamon Chang wanted to make himself a world-wide hero by creating a mech that couldn't be defeated or destroyed by anything. He got half of his plan right, as it was impossible to beat, but wasn't invulnerable. Chang sent the Mech to invade the suspected HQ of VIPER, and the robot nearly took down the entire place. The news media did not know what had happened, and that's exactly what Chang wanted it to be. He believed he had finally stopped VIPER, but the organization was international, and what Chang destroyed was only a fraction of the agency.

The AR-War Mech Mark I does have a few flaws, such as a weak spot on it's back. No one has ever managed to defeat it...yet.


  • To attack a VIPER Base. (1988)
  • To cripple Ayumu Benjirou, who was later upgraded with cybernetic implants.

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