"So, who do you think did this, sir?"

"Who else would do something like this?"

-A Policeman and Inspector Shrike discuss one of the Gasmask's patients


The scene opens with the Gasmask walking over the roof of a warehouse, listening to the people beneath him talking.


"Night on the waterfront. In the darkness, in the long sharp shadows, the vermin go about their daily routines. Sometimes, I pretend to be one of them. But I only pretend."

-The Gasmask

"There it is. Big and round, like a glistening drop of fat suspended in ink. Good evening, my old friend. Shall we take walk on the docks?"

-The Gasmask and the Moon

"They say he's 7 feet tall, and that he can break a shotgun over his knee!"

"They say a lot of things."

"Yes, they do."

-The Gasmask interrupts a conversation

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