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Created by: Ghost47
Origin: Supernatural
Category: Rogue
Status: Undead
Personal Data
Real Name: Abithieok
Known Aliases: The Skeleton Lord, The Necromancer, and The Black Death
Species: Undead
Age: Unknown
Height: 11 feet 6 inchs
Weight: 10 pounds (with no armor)

200 pounds (with armor)

Eye Colour: None
Hair Colour: None
Citizenship: The Underworld
Place of Birth: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Current Residence: The Underworld
Affiliation: Himself and His Kingdom
Marital Status: Alone
Known Relatives: Unknown Parents
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Undead Physiology
Large amounts of magic Artifacts

Abithieok is a vastly powerful lich who is ruler of The Underworld (City not the afterlife), Abithieok goes by many diffrent titles such as The Necromancer, The Skeleton Lord or King, The Phantom King and The Black Death.


After vast amounts of studing and practice the then mortal prince Abithieok found a way to preserve his life essence to stop the proccess of death. With his magic skills combined with the best mages his kingdom has to offer he started the spell that would change the city into The Underworld. The Spell went wrong and caused the entire kingdom to turn into the living dead ranging from Vampires, Ghosts, Ghouls, and Wraiths. The Prince and his mages all turned into Skeletons known as Lichs.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Necromancy: Abithieok is a master necromancer who has entire tomes based on this form of magic. With this form of magic The Skeleton King may manipuate the dead, undead, and the energy known as the Soul. The Skeleton King may create armies of many diffrent types of undead. Abithieok can create physical walls made out of dead matter or spirt matter. The Skeleton Lord`s mere aura causes the dead to live once again. The Skeleton King can also control the life-force of living beings such as ripping out their souls. Abithieok can also control the living such as causing early decay or making the beings skeleton pull itself out. Being a undead being himself The Skeleton King may control his own soul and "body". He can also use spirt matter to levitate or fly. May also curse his enemies.

Undead Physiology: The Skeleton King is a undead being which grant him many "perks". These perks include, not needing air, food, and water. It also includes being immortal and not feeling physical things such as injurys or being tired. If The Skeleton Lord`s phyical body is destoryed he enters a ethereal form that is immune to all physical damage and is able to possese objects, living and dead people.

The UnderworldEdit

The Underworld is a damp, dark, and dirty city crawling with undead of all kinds,

Minions of The Skeleton KingEdit

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