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Created by: ghost47
Origin: Mutant
Category: Class 6 Mutant
Status: Alive
Personal Data
Real Name: Jacob York
Known Aliases: Abraxx
Species: Mutant
Age: 29
Height: 9 ft 5 inchs tall
Weight: 110 Pounds
Eye Colour: Yellow
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: Germany (Birth) America (now)
Place of Birth: Germany, Berlin
Date of Birth: 1993,October 1
Current Residence: Ground Omega, USA
Affiliation: Himself and the Earth
Marital Status: Alone
Known Relatives: Vermaak (Adopted Son)
Known Powers
Petrifying Touch and Element Control
Training / Abilities
Parkour training and Multitasking skill
a Hooded Cloak, and a mask
He is kinda evil kinda good

Abraxx or Jacob York is the Mortal enemy of Calamity who killed his son Vermaak. The Consortium is a minor foe of Abraxx. Basilisk also is in a partnership with Abraxx

Begining of Jacob YorkEdit

Not much is known of Jacobs youth and how he gained his powers but Goverment Officals are still gaining as much info as they can on this strange mutant and his powers

The End of Calamity and the Begining of OrderEdit

With the battle coming close to a end and with Calamity slowly losing power Abraxx prepared for the final assassult that was sure to come. Calamity struck and failed, grabbing his wrist and petrifing him he slammed him down onto the ground and shattered him. But with Calamitys final explosion he was struck with a stray bolt of energy that will bring unknown experiances into Abraxxs future.

Rise of The ConduitsEdit

Abraxx stood on the tallest building in Ground Omega talking to him self 'why rule a broken city... when i can rule a perfect world'? He made up his mind he would take over the world for the sake of the conduits and the people caring the conduit gene. Jumping of the building he planned his first invaion... The Resting place of his fallen Foe Calamity.

Flame inside the iceEdit

The strange Conduit that would be Abraxx`s son started when Abraxx found a young boy playing with ice... shaping it and changing it. Abraxx only seeing his own Cryokinesis and no one elses since none of his servents had this form of element manipulation. He took the boy and raised him as his son... teaching him and loving him like his own blood. But Vermaak`s blood was ice cold. After years of training and teaching Vermaak Abraxx has changed his, Vermaaks, DNA to fit with his making them truly father and son. But unknown to the both of them they are all connected to the reborn Calamity. With his son dead and his empire gone Abraxx goes into hiding knowing that Calamity is far too powerful to deal with at fully strength.


Jacob York suffers from multiply personality disorder

The Jacob York Personality is a outgoing fun loving person.

The Abraxx personality is evil, twisted, and power-hungry


Abraxx is now classified as a class 6 mutant after he absorbed Calamitys power. It is unknown why he absorbed Calamitys powers but he strangely did. Though he has no power over energy he is a master of all elements of earth

Petrifying Touch: Abraxx can turn anything from a person to a door into his strange type of rock, which is a rocky formation with yellow cracks through out the formation. This kills all living things if it completly covers them, if Abraxx keeps up his hold on people it will keep spreading if he lets go then it only covers the part that was touch and spreads slowly then stops. Wherever Abraxx walks the ground will turn black with yellow cracks in it that glow bright yellow. Abraxx generaters Abraxiot wherever he walks and whatever he touchs.

Earth Control: Abraxx can control all forms of earth and its minerals. (Dust, Sand, Metal, Mud, Rock, and ETC) He can use this power greatly and can shape the terrian to his exact image in his mind. He can also form spikes to impale his enemies on, or he can block bullets by raising a wall infront or around himself. He can also make shockwaves similer to earthquakes. Can shift the ground beneth objects and people to make it appear they are being repeled or attrached. He can not only change the earth and its many minerals but destroy them to remove obsticals in his path. Seismic Sense This power is driven from his earth control and is not a real power. It allows Abraxx to sense the smallest vibrations and can see with this in total darkness but only functions when touching ground.

Water Control: Abraxx can control water to a masters degree. He can control ice and snow and just normal water. He can control tides. he can also control water in people allowing him to control their movments. He is a master of water manipulation. He can also control blood since it carries water inside of it. This allows him to control the movment paterns of things with blood inside of them.

Electricity Manipulation: Abraxx can control Electricity. He can use the electricity in people to control their movments. Can absorb lighting. He is a master of this power and this power splits into many diffrent powers.

Air Manipulation: Abraxx can control the air we breath. He can make the wind blow so hard it cuts througth steel. He can expand people lungs until they expolde. this power allows him to fly. He can control natural disastors relating to wind and air.

Fire Manipulation: Abraxx can control fire. With a single look Abraxx can set people on fire. He can generate, control, and shift fire into any form he desires. He can control flames as hot as a sun going super-nova.

Elemental Monsters: Abraxx can Change elements into diffrent form and breath life into them. These creatures then become true living things and are completly loyal to Abraxx or Abraxx can shift normal people into these creatures also loyal.

Superhuman Strength/Endurance/speed: Abraxx can punch through strong metals, he can also fight and be hit for hours on hours, and he moves as fast as lightning.


Is a diamond hard mineral that is used and generated by Abraxx. Its appearance is a black rock with glowing yellow cracks. It is generated when Abraxx petrifies objects, People, and animals. Abraxx`s heart is made of this substance. His veins carry liquid Abraxiot through his body making his veins glow yellow through his skin.


For some strange reason Abraxx`s only weakness is Calamity`s origanal energy which is found near his Statue in high doses or near a plane of chaos gateway. Also Abraxx`s gained powers also falter at high does of C-Energy.

A C-Energy (Calamity-Energy) weapon to his Abraxiot Heart

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