This article is on the Peacekeepers character Agent Orange, the Postive Dimension's version of Ashley Sturm. For the Negative Deimension's version see Acid Rain.


Agent Orange

Agent Orange

Ashley Sturm was born on the 20th September 1987 in Berlin. Born to a civil servant and the superheroine Venomess, she inherited her mother's ability to spray poison from her hands (though in her case it was the herbicide Agent Orange). She was ostracized at school and had to wear gloves at all times (she sweats acid). this left her with a resentful nature and a difficulty to form relationships with others. At age 16, she and her mother were attacked by the supervillain Rockhead. He killed her mother, and in a fit of fury melted the left side of his head. Her father blamed her for her mother's death, and disowned her. She wandered the planet searching for a new home, and eventually settled in Novo Londinium.

Ashley had been a crimefighter for seven years when she was recruited into Project Peacekeeper. She was facing her nemesis Rockhead in a climactic battle, and was losing. She was saved by The Human Lightningrod, who convinced her she could do more if she had a team by her side. She became the thrid member of the team (Jackhammer being the first, the The Human Lightningrod).


Agent Orange is an introvert, due to the other children at her school refusing to go near her because of her acidic secretions. She developed a resentment towards the rest of humanity and, if not for her mother, would have become a supervillain. She doesn't form relationships easily, and as such clings onto the ones she has. Agent Orange is also vey quiet, and only talks to close friends and loved ones.


Agent Orange can secrete the herbicide agent orange, from which she takes her name. However, as well as being able to spray it at high pressure, it also comes out when she weats. This forces her to wear gloves at all times. She is also immune to all toxins.


  • Immune to toxins
  • Can spray acid from fingertips, as well as sweating it
  • Resentful, introvertial nature
  • Learned skills from her mother

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