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Created by: Ghost47
Origin: Science
Category: Conduit Killers
Status: Still Working
Personal Data
Real Name: Dropped (NO longer used)
Known Aliases: CK, Hunter Killers, Conduit Killers, Synthetic Conduit
Species: Mutated Human
Age: Variable
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eye Colour: None
Hair Colour: None
Citizenship: No longer a Citizen
Place of Birth: Ground Alpha
Date of Birth: Ground Alpha
Current Residence: Shriek`s lab
Affiliation: Shriek
Marital Status: none
Known Relatives: other Agents
Known Powers
Power Manipulation, Shape shifting, and possession.
Training / Abilities
Superhuman Qualities

A newly made agent with his suit stretching out.


Made from troops who showed the genes known as the Anti-Conduit gene, as labeled by Shriek, Shriek made Conduit killers who would do their job so perfect they would be feared by all others.

How Agents are madeEdit

When Shriek detects someone with the Anti-CG he will offer them somthing so they come back to his lab so he can do the Agent process. This process is hidden and unknown to all. But it wipes out all memories and knowledge from the new agent.



Another greatly fear ability of the agents. The user obtains historical memories or sensations concerning objects they touch. At the user touching clothes, they may see vision of manufacturer of the clothing, those who wore the clothes, and other details. The the ability for someone to divine information about an object or living subject, simply by coming into close contact with it or something associated with said object or subject (something/someone contacted or used by the subject, etc.). Some with the ability can even act as mediums for residual energies and, as such, can experience talents or memories temporarily from touching an object previously owned by someone else, or tell the past or future of a subject by touching an object owned by or asociated with the subject. This ability is sometimes confused with clairsentience.

Power ManipulationEdit

Though feared greatly for their Superhuman Physiology and their Shapeshifting what makes a Agent all the more deadly is their ability to control a conduit or other super`s powers. When in the area of a Agent a supers power will falter and fall in power and they will lose control. Agents instantly know if a being is super or not. If a agent can touch a super then that supers powers are gone forever.


The suits that the agents wear, in reality these suits are apart of them, allow the to shapeshift. They can make blades, shields, and blunt weapons with their arms. Grow new limbs or change their apperance.

Superhuman PhysiologyEdit

Enhanced Durability/StaminaEdit

  • Can go days and days without tiring
  • High level resistance to damage.
  • The user can take an attack while feeling the effect later.
  • The user will maintain optimal health if sickness is the aggressor, yielding to the sickness day’s later if the sickness is potent.

Enhanced RegenerationEdit

  • Heal wounds from fights such as bruises, stab wounds, burns, etc.
  • High level users can regenerate every damaged tissues and cells.
  • Can regrow limbs and/or organ.
  • Enhanced Condition.

Enhanced StrengthEdit

  • User can lift objects that are heavy for normal humans.
  • If a user transfers all strength to their legs, he/she can perform Enhanced Jump.
  • Enhanced Combat since attacks are more effective.
  • Constriction and Crushing due to the extreme strength of the user

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