This article is on the Peacekeepers character Alice, the Positive Dimension's version of the Myrmech-11 Unit. For the Negative Zone's version, see Myrmech-11


Alice (Normal Mode)

Alice (Normal Mode)

Alice was born as Myrmech-11, a last ditch attempt by the government to destroy the rogue unit Myrmech-10. She was sent out to terminate it after it defeated all the Peacekeepers at once. Alice had improve ments made to her in order to gain the edge over 10. However, even these weren't enough to defeat 10 and he almost ripped her head off. He was stopped by the Jackhammer blowing his arms off with missiles. Apon her rescue, Alice gained compassion and formed a bond with the Jackhammer. As they were leaving, Myrmech-10 initiated Protocol-15, and tackled her. His faceplate opened and he plugged himself into her. After transferring data, he shut down. His attack was presumed to be a last attempt to kill them.

Alice (Battle Mode)

Alice (Battle Mode)


Alice was originally without any personality. When Jackhammer saved her from Myrmech-10, she gained a soul. Alice has a highly logical mind, and is very naive about human behaviour, and doesn't know how to behave around other people. She has a strong bond with the Jachammer. She views him to be her husband, and he grew to love her. When she is stopped by the Jackhammer, he buries the parts of her he can salvage in a military cemetary. She had set a backup of the programming that forms her soul in order for her to live on in some form. The Jackhammer builds a 12th Myrmech Unit, which regards him has his father and names himself Dexter.


Alice has the same Abilities as Myrmech-10, and more. She can alternate between a more manvouverable but unarmed Normal Mode and a heavily armed but slower Battle Mode. In Battle Mode she has claws, rocket boots, a shoulder mounted Gatling Gun and Optic Beams. In Normal Mode, she is a lot lighter and has a teleporter. This is disabled in Battle Mode to conserve fuel.


  • More heavily armed than her predesscessor
  • Capable of human emotion
  • Able to switch between Normal and Battle modes
  • Due to lack of world experience, relies heavily on team-mates for guidance

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