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The All Purpose Rifle, or the APR, is a prototype weapon designed by Heaven Ops. The APR is a long barreled rifle that has the ability to change into different weapons. In its standard form, the weapon is fully extended and can be used as a large assault rifle. It can be refitted with a large magazine and a bipod to become an LMG. A switch on the rifle can be used to raise a sniper scope, turning it into a selective fire sniper rifle. A unique feature of this weapon is the foldable barrel. The front half of the weapon can be folded down to the bottom of the weapon, essentially shortening the barrel. The shorter barrel is easier to control in close quarters. The former front-half of the weapon is then used as an underbarrel shotgun. The APR can be refitted with other attachments. Some variants have a built in grenade launcher or laser sights.

The APR was first tested in the field by Lt. Razer Raptor during the New York infection outbreak.

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