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A Hornety

An Alliance commando in armor.

The Alliance Combat Forces are the basic warring units of the Imperium of the Uprisen. They are given superb training to augment their own physical and mental capabilities, to support themselves in the constant warfare against the human race.

Over View Edit

During the war, mutants themselves tended to gravitate towards the Alliance, tearing apart families with soldiers fighting for the United Nations side. The family bond is strong, and some people stood by their brother's and sisters, not wishing to be separated from their only family when the war really picked up and all out war began, with million of soldiers and civilian's alike being murdered haphazardly in the combat fray.

These human soldiers and early mutants formed the core of the Commando force, which acted as an Officer Corps for later soldiers to come. The human soldiers with training, loyal to their family within the Alliance, mentored new arrivals on the arts of war, teaching them how to fight with their hands, with weapons, and with their minds. The combination of human and mutant soldiers created a favorable balance during combat against the United Nation armies, as the enemy could simply shoot guns. When fighting mutants, you never knew what you would encounter, and seeing fleeing soldiers during combat often meant a mutant was around.

With great prejudice against mutant kind having already erupted into war, both sides let out their own pent up anger and fury and were decidedly hellbent on annihilating the other; They had no choice. If the United Nations won the war, for all they knew the mutant race would be rounded up and exterminated. And so, with Amalgam's rallying words to stand behind, they fought viciously to avoid such a fate and turn the tide against the United Nations. What was once a guerrilla force, after considerable successes on the battlefield, grew into a large army using weapons of war cranked out of captured factories. Humans were killed indiscriminately, especially children, as they were the root of the enemy. As the Commando' became more elite, a rigid structuring occurred, with ranks being implemented (based on Imperialisi ranks) and a grueling training regimen initiated. Those that couldn't survive died, and those that emerged were practically Lacedaemonian in physique and discipline. Unknown to them, Amalgam was simply turning them into the Imperialisi legion's she lacked.

Ranking System Edit

Monitor (Fire-Team Leader) commanding a Stich (Force) of 5.

Decurion (Sergeant) commanding a Lochos (Squad) of 10.

Tetrarch (Lieutenant) commanding a Tetrarchy (Platoon) of 50.

Centurion (Captain) commanding a Century (Company) of 100.

Cohortarch (Commandant) commanding a Cohort (Battalion) of 500.

Merarch (Colonel) commanding a Merarchy (Regiment) of 2,500.

Chiliarch (Brigadier General) commanding a Chiliarchy (Brigade) of 5,000.

Strategos (Lieutenant General) commanding a Legion (Division) of 15,000.

Arch-Strategos (General of the Army) commanding larger units, working as a trio and answering only to the Archon.

Archon (Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Imperium) commanding the entire military and societal infrastructure on the level of the Imperium.