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The Alio Corruo was a heavily armed remote-contolled walker,capable of operating in complete darkness,underwater, and on cliffsides.

Anti-infintry VarietEdit



An Alio Corruo anti-infintry variet.

It was built for suicidal combat on uneven terrain, and was therefore equipped with the best weapons the Red Nations could aford. These included quad target-seeking missiles which could fire once the targeting systems had a lock-on. The walker had plated front legs which made it impossible for small arms fire to disable it.On top of the droid's frame was a powerful cannon that shot one thousand 10 Millimeter round per minite. The unit did possess one weakness,it could not fire directly up. Use of anti-armor weaponry could also destroy these units with ease as well as larger vehicles including Roadrunner and Mantis Walkers.


Ghille Suit Wavingstrider utilizing the walker's weakness.


Manufactured by C.O.R.N,this droid was originally built to assist commando squads. These units were then switched to more open envirements to counterreact the United Nation's powerful infintry. They were seen in Greece,Germany, and the middle east. In Greece they were specificly made to target the GDI's new Spartans. The mission was succesful as many Spartans succumbed to the powerfull walker. However many Spartans were saved when a group of American Soldiers from the U.S. Army arrived in Athens wearing the new Jetpacks. Using these they easily took out the walkers from above.

Anti-Vehicle VarietEdit


Scarab Walk

An Anti-vehicle Alio Corruo.

The Anti-Vehicle variet was much different than it's counterpart. It was nearly ten times larger and had a much heavier payload. It's main weapon was an plasma laser made out of plasma. This could go through layers of armor with ease and destroy many Mantis Walkers. Beside it's main weapon it also sported a .70 Calliber anit-aircraft gun near it's back side. This would help protect it from attacks from above. It was also large enough to have portable turrets placed over it to help protect it form infintry. This also let it be a very good troop transport as it was difficult to destroy. However it was not invincible as its legs,like any walker, were a prime target for enemies. A well placed shot from a Mantis Walker's rail run could detach the leg making the droid near useless. Also just like it's Anti-infintry counterpart it was exposed from above as when it was ever scaling a cliff a squad of Hellbringers could easilly jump and place charges inside.

Super Scarab

A Anti-vehicle variet under construction.


Manufactered by C.O.R.N,this walker was origionally built to mine Kesh in Asia. Though it was later dropped as kesh was only found in North America. These units were then refited with AA guns and were tested in battle. Proving thier sucess they were made in more numbers. However they were rare to see as they were expensive for the red nations to afford. They were seen in various battles including the Invasion of Athens,the Defence of Germany, and other campains.


  • Alio Curruo means person destroyer in Latin.
  • The Alio Curruo is based off the Star Wars Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid and Halo's Scarab.

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