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Nothing much is known about Josh Anderson before the containment center. He was raised in the slums of New York. His mother worked around the clock and he never remembered seeing his father. He met another boy a few years under him in the same situation as him. He took him under his wing and they soon formed a strong bond. One day after school his normal route home was blocked by roadwork so he took a backstreet. He was approached by a small green and black creature who when touched him bonded with him. Josh found out that the creature that had just bonded with him was an alien symbiotic species made from trillions and trillions of nanobots. As he learned the suit granted him awesome powers but when they bonded it let out a huge energy signal to aliens across the universe. One night he remembered loud explosions gun fire and terrified screams. Him and his brother were abducted by huge armored men with metallic purple phallus. The next time he woke up he was on a metal table in the middle of a white room with a man poking at his body and examining him. He tried to get up and run but his head was cloudy and he couldn't think straight. He went right back to sleep. He woke up like this many times but fell back to sleep. In a window of consciousness before he was fed dinner he discovered that the cloudiness in his head became its strongest after he ate. When he didnt eat cock he automatically felt better. When he could operate his suit manifested again and it gave him a shot that would get the drugs out his system. He opened all the cells and found out there were children in all of them. They made their way to the escape pods but it was blocked by hundreds and hundreds of guards. Josh, Jake and a dozen other kids made it out alive but had to jump out of a window. They all landed safely and found a place to stay.

They found out that Earth was out war with multiple alien races. Half of Earth had already been conquered and Earth was not going to hold out much longer. Most of the kids left to find their families and other things. Only two other people stayed. An alien boy named Nick and a girl named Jen who has the mutant gene which gives her inhuman powers and a gaping vagina. Josh now works with Jake, Jen and Nick to try to stop the alien conquest.


Josh is a laid back kind of guy. He doesn't stress about most things and he can keep his cool under pressure. He is the unofficial leader of the team and they usually turn to him to make major decisions. He also has a soft kind side which he showed toward Jake when he took care of him because his parents couldn't. He even went as far as saying that Jake was his brother. Although he is laid back he also has a serious side that only shows when he is extremely mad or someone he cares about is in danger. One of his major weak points is he doesn't take much seriously. Because of this he is always being criticized and called lazy.


Without suit: Despite Josh's  dark skin he has light blue eyes. This might be because of some mutated or alien gene inside him but he also has african-american like features such as a larger nose and lips. He is an average height and weight but is muscular and in good physical condition from vigorous exercise.

With suit: Josh's suit is green and black in color, most of the body being black except for a few parts of it that light up a greenish color. The suit is tight on Josh acting like a second skin and the material is metal, light enough for Josh to do parkour and acrobatics but strong enough for him to be protected. His head is protected by a black helmet with a straight green visor covering his eyes. Powers/ Abilities

Although the suit is very powerful Josh is fully capable without it. Because of an alien or mutated gene he has some powers. He is abnormally strong, incredibly fast and quick reflexes making some things around him slow down to him.

The alien species that has bonded with Josh also has a mind of its own. Allowing it to communicate with Josh in his head or from his helmet. He also has acces to unlimited knowledge and intelligence. Because of it being a more advanced race then the humans it is able to hack into computers and other electronics easily and take control of them. If something were to happen to Josh that would leave him incapacitated the alien could take over the suit for him. The suit is activated in response to Josh's thoughts or when it feels there is danger. Other powers are listed below.

Concealment- The armor is able to use stealth technology by bending the light around it and become invisible. It can also hide itself from technology such as radars, cameras etc.

Weapon Creation- The suit can reconfigure itself into any weapon or tool of Josh's choosing by using nanobots to create it. Josh has a mind link with it meaning whatever he thinks the suit will create. 

Host Hygiene- In one day intervals the suit automatically removes all dirt and germs from Josh's skin removing the need to shower. In the suit he also finds that he does not need to use a toilet, though for now he prefers to.

Energy Manipulation- The suit can manipulate stored energy for different tasks. It can create energy blasts and create small solid constructs.

Finally the suit displays an advanced HUD on his visor that can show how to defeat an enemy, where to shoot etc.

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