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Alpha Team are a Millennium City-based superhero team composed of five individuals with diverse powers.


Alpha Team is largely a local team; its members deal with local threats and concerns, and all bar one of its members come from Millennium City itself. The team has no specific overall goals or aims beyond fighting crime and helping others, and are primarily motivated by the desire to do good. (Well, for the most part). Most of the team are in good standing with the public and, while they do not make their identities known, are generally seen as honest and decent people (Again, see below).

The team has no overall leader; instead, they seem to make decisions to do the “right thing at the right time.” As a result, they can end up being rather uncoordinated and lacking in focus at times. In the field, they tend to try to come up with a plan on the fly rather then going in with a fixed strategy. Unfortunately, their lack of coordination can often leave them outflanked or out-smarted by their foes.


All of the team use specially designed communicators to stay in tough with each other; these were built by Bluebomber and may be little more then tin cans with string. The team maintains a secret headquarters behind a shopfront in the City proper, packed with sophisticated computers, as well as monitoring and surveillance equipment and other amenities. Again built by Blumebomber, its true nature is unknown, but may just be a cardboard box with the words “Secret lair” written on the side.


There are no real requirements to be a member of Alpha Team beyond being generally a good person with a desire to help others. This, however, doesn’t explain what Doctor Zap is doing in the team. The team prefers local members, but seems to have no problems with those from outside the city or the country. There is no requirement to reveal identities within the team, save for Doctor Zap, none of the team members knows the others outside of the team.

The team is openly recruiting at present. To date, they have only ever rejected a single potential member, being the reformed ninja Drift.

Current MembersEdit

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