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"Why do they continue to help ? Its meaningless, the Legion and all the pathetic little whelps running around with them should understand that this planet is mine, that their contribution to history will be erased, and that no matter what, they will as well."
—Amalgam contemplating Earth's heroes.
Created-by: SheWhoKnows
Origin: The Nether-verse, on the world of Daemonicai.
Threat Level: Transendence (Class-VI)
Personal Data
Real Name: Pariah Imperialis
Known Aliases: The Heartless Soul, Archon
Species: 'Netherus Inferialis'
Age: Ageless (24 in human form, but you must factor in her own physical and mental capabilities and forget the facade.)
Height: 6 feet, 1 inch.
Weight: 126 lbs (Lean, mostly muscle.)
Eye Color: Onyx (Pure black)
Hair Color: Blonde (Naturally red, but the Verse Grinder has it's effects.)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Daemonicai'an
Occupation: Princess of the Enlightened Realms, Founder of the Imperium of the Uprisen.
Place of Birth: Daemonicai
Base of Operations: Umbria
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: Lamia Imperialis, Fester Imperialis
Known Powers
See associated section below.
Known Abilities
See associated section below.
None, that which she wears and that which her body is capable of.
Like Baracuss, the true limit of her powers are unknown, with her absorbing power complicating any true understanding of her abilities further. They are both Class-VI mutants on the classification scale.


The Nether VerseEdit

In the Nether Verse, Amalgam was probably the greatest "humanitarian" known to the universe. She traveled far and wide across her families realms, helping those in need and defeating the many enemies of the royal family she belonged too. The first hints of corruption came in our worlds 1970's, when human emotion began to leak through the Verse Grinder and pollute the Nether Verse. With dissent stirring wildly across the Imperium, fueling ancient feuds with the ruling Dynasty and causing waves of rebellion and anarchy, something needed to stop it. The "infected" Netherversal's had to be put down, and that job was left to Amalgam. Her already diluted conscious eventually began to conform to it's Daemonicai'an constituent parts, and she began to enjoy the murderous spree, the blood of her "victims" causing the downward spiral to further into a free fall. When she had been weakened enough, the Verse Grinder tore her through to our universe...

Our WorldEdit

Literally reborn as an infant, Amalgam had the consciousness of a fully developed lunatic, but was locked inside a pitiful creature. She decided to learn all she could, and she did, absorbing the knowledge of the Earth. When her human body had finally grown capable enough to depart, she left the facility, simply walking straight out the doors as hundreds of soldiers tried to stop her. Simple flicks of her hand made short work of them, she was hellbent on escaping albeit her mood was calm. And she did, living on the lam for the next 8 years. Not needing sustenance to survive she mainly just hid during the day and worked her activities at night, killing other mutants, which she deemed as freeing a more powerful consciousness from an impure body. Her actions made several mutants attempt to stop her, such as Lion and those in the Legion of Vigilance. She killed the first, and after deciding to form the first graces of the Mutant Alliance to counter the human and defector mutant threat, began to spread propagandist tales enlightening her scared yet strong followers to the possible future, that one day they would be in charge of their "mutant" destiny and that she would leave them in control of a paradise. The lie held through the 4 year long war, which later escalated to some kind of alien invasion, and the entire time she maintained the continuation of her goals with the help of her newfound allies and with the shaky alliance with her enemies, that would eventually collapse as the Alliance came to dominate most of the world and begin operations to expunge any counterforce from existence.


Amalgam's powers are mainly fire based (due to her family tree and origins), but she can also absorb other peoples powers, and if they die in the process she will maintain them forever. Fighting Amalgam is difficult, as her wide range of powers gained from absorption over the years, in combination with her strict yet maniacal self discipline, make her almost like a jigsaw puzzle of lunacy and superhuman energy. Fighting her is like a mouse to a nuclear bomb. Only sometimes will the wires be chewed first and the world saved. The rest of the time, you know the ending. Disintegration.

Confirmed powers listed below;

  • Can control thermal energy (pyrokinesis)
  • Can read peoples minds.
  • Teleportation (Consumption of Desolation's blood). She can teleport anywhere at anytime, in light or darkness, and across time if necessary.
  • Can absorb other peoples powers permanently if they die in the process, if not it will only be temporary. Powers can not be absorbed from other beings of her kind.
  • Super strength (Absorbed from Lion)
  • Super stamina (Also absorbed from Lion)
  • Superbly invulnerable to almost all forms of attack, unless from a Class-4 Being or above.
  • Immune to all biological, nuclear, and chemical attacks, as well as diseases (including artificial ones) and poisons.
  • Healing Factor (Do to her Imperialisi blood and general extra-dimensional deity-hood.).
  • Can control electricity (Absorbed from the blood of Whitewash)

The entirety of her powers is unknown.

After contact with PossessorEdit

  • Can control things with her mind, as long as they are non-sentient and not too complicated. The more concentration she needs for parts, the weaker she becomes. (Ex; A mouse can be controlled by her. If she tried to control a helicopter, she'd pass out from the intense concentration.
  • Able to fire bursts of pure energy, that can incinerate people in seconds, leaving nothing but separated particles.
  • Able to create intense psychokinetic explosions, equal to the heat and pressure of a star going supernova, yet self contained within at least a half mile of her body. The intense energy created will leave her in a coma for at least 3 hours, and upwards of a year.

As stated, the entirety of her powers is unknown, as many have been absorbed from her time in the Nether-verse as well.

After Absorbing Baracuss's BloodEdit

The use of Baracuss' powers are only in times of extreme need, as she has limited use of them with her other powers filling the niche.

  • Levitation: Baracuss has the ability to "fly". Amalgam does as well, so this doesn't affect much.
  • Shape-Shifting: Ability to change his appearance. Amalgam can now turn into anyone she has ever absorbed.
  • Possession: Baracuss can take control of a living being for a limited time. This makes people twice as susceptible to her already honed possession technique.
  • Shadow-Movement: Ability to move instantly to new locations via the Shadows. Amalgam can only slightly use this skill, and is capable of moving only a few feet in a close up battle.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Ability to bend darkness to his will. Amalgam can only lightly use this ability, such as tiny whips from her fingers, but when in need, she can amplify this with her warping of pure energy, allowing her to control pure dark matter.
  • Intangibility: Ability to move through solid objects. Amalgam can use this ability easily, as her intense mental discipline allows her to easily concentrate on passing through objects like a ghost.
  • Regeneration: Baracuss can heal using the darkness around him. Amalgam already has regeneration, so this simply makes her able to heal twice as fast in the darkness.
  • Immortality: As long as there is darkness, Baracuss lives forever. As long as there is light, Amalgam will live forever as well. This makes her twice as hard to eliminate.


Personality Edit

To almost everyone, Amalgam seems like a rather quiet, calculating being. Her voice is soft, sweet, and rather innocent sounding. But her eyes are the keys to understanding her truly.

Amalgam is a strict, harsh, and devious person who cares more on satisfying herself then doing anything for "power" or a "greater good".

If Amalgam could, she'd isolate herself from the universe. However her dedication to her divine "duty" keeps her from indulging into personal effects, so Amalgam remains a cold locked away person. The first and the last of the misguided ghosts... an angry exiled god in the realm of mortals...

Combat Skills Edit

In combat, Amalgam is constantly ignored by pompous meeker mutants, but those who don't have a death wish are wise to either avoid her or at least fight a defensive battle.

A perfect example would be from the non-canon RP The Battle of Sanctuary, in which several Class 1 and 2 mutants continued to attack her even after they were theoretically already dead.

She rarely fights for emotional gain, she fights simply to further her goals or remove nuisances that may be affecting the Alliance. On very rare occasions has she shown emotion.

In the short time her insanity showed during the New Divide era of the war, Amalgam was literally, the picture of insanity.

But after she regained her composure, little seemed to have changed.

Amalgam's actual skills in combat are not entirely dependent on her powers. She can adequately use firearms of most types, including Makata and Human weapons.

Amalgam is also very skilled in melee combat, being a noble from the Nether-verse, where ranged weapons are only used in space. Directly before she was captured by the Verse Grinder, Amalgam was engaged in a duel with an "emotionally infected" being.

Proficiency with these weapons is pale in comparison to the physical honing she has done to her body, her time in the Nether-verse was spent almost always training or executing the Imperialisi' enemies across the universe there. She has well toned muscles and can stretch like an Olympic athlete, nearly making her an Olympian, and her lack of the menses means at certain times of the month she is not crippled like human females are. Such activity is not uncommon for people from the Nether-verse, as a strict Lacedaemonian way of life has been thoroughly forced into the minds of nearly every subject of the Imperium.


"Come on ! Lets go out and do something sis !"

"Am I the only one here who realizes that this world is a wasteland ? What would we do ? Chuck rocks at things in the distance ?"

"That sounds like fun..."

- Balance to Amalgam.


"You wanna go out some time lass ?"

"I think I've made it clear there is nothing worthwhile to do outside this city."

"Umm, I can think of a few things..."

"Your sir, are a pervert..."

- Rancher, being himself.