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"Kiss my starspangled ass!"
—American Soldier

General DescriptionEdit


An American Soldier in the United States Marine Corps.

The American Soldier, also known as "Effingo Vexillums", which means Copy Trooper in Latin, due to the fact that most of the armor looked the same, were the standard Soldier for the United States of America Army, Navy, and Marines. After Kesh,a new renewable energy resource only discovered in North America, the United States economy recovered thus allowing them to create better equipment allowing the American Soldier to become the feared enemy to the Coalition of Red Nations. They also fought in the North American Wars against Canada and Mexico. They wore standard American Armor, which was tough enough to survive ten shots from the new plasma and laser weaponry. The Effingo Vexillums also used the standard issue M400 and the M450, the weapons both used the new laser technology differing by power and fire rate. During the Great Human War the United States of America sided with the United Nations and some members of the Armed Forces became Spartans, such as Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066.
250px-DC-15a Blaster Rifle

The M400,the more long range,accurate, and powerful of the M Laser series.


  • American Soldiers wear white armor as an intimdation factor to the enemy.
  • Thier armor and weapons are based off Clone Troopers from Star Wars.