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Created by:
Origin: Robot
Category: Energy Projector
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Robot, origins unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Approx 2 meters
Weight: Unknown
Eye Colour: Green Glow
Hair Colour: None
Citizenship: Unknown
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Unknown
Affiliation: Robot Bastards
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Super strength, armoured chassis, various energy weapons, inbuilt sensory systems
Training / Abilities
None other then aforementioned integral systems

The Ampersand is an enigmatic robot that may be dedicated to the destruction of all organic life. Possibly.


The exact origins of the Ampersand are unclear. The robotic menace simply appeared during the 1980s, engaged in a series of high-tech crimes in which it would steal components and materials, apparently in an attempt to duplicate itself. Attempts to communicate with the robot resulted in streams of incomprehensible gibberish, followed by it opening fire. Given the nickname “The Ampersand” (form one of the few coherent words it produced) it was eventually confronted and defeated when it became apparent that it could not be reasoned with.

However, much like other robotic villains, Ampersand seems to have some ability to recreate itself. On several different occasions, the machine has been defeated by heroes, only to have it reappear afterwards. Like everything else about the Ampersand, the source of these replacements remains unknown; analysis of the leftover parts has revelled nothing.

As yet, no groups have claimed responsibility for the Ampersand’s existence. Nobody has claimed to have built it, and investigation of the remains of destroyed examples have yielded no solid clues as to its origins. Theories about it existence range from the straightforward (Renegade robot sentry, army prototype run amok and covered up) to the insane (Assassin robot from the future, evolved from primitive machinery, alien), but none have yet been definitively proven or excluded.


As a robot, the Ampersand is innately resilient and durable, with a well-armoured chassis. Only complete destruction of its head or torso is a known to be able to stop it. Its head contains an array of advanced sensory systems including radar, sonar, various optical options including microscopic, telescopic, infra-red, ultraviolet, X-ray and others as well as other systems not yet known. The Ampersand is armed with several different energy weapons that are built into its body.

However, its most unusual feature is its ability to construct and animate other mechanoids out of technological material at hand. The exact nature of this system is unclear; the Ampersand seems to be able to simply rapidly construct new robots out of whatever materials are present at the time. The abilities of these automatons seem to be rather variable, but rarely have any connection to whatever he made them from. They do not appear to be self-aware, however, and seem to exist as extensions of its own will.


The Ampersand is enigmatic, to say the least. Its origins and motivations are unclear; it seems to be innately hostile towards organic life, but at the same time does not seem to have any issues with working with other mechanicals, or, at the very least, those that do not work with humans. Making any sense of the Ampersand is not easy, as the machine communicates through a series of incomprehensible electronic noises, occasionally including the odd word in a human language.

While its hostility is clear, its goals and motivations are not. It may be working with the Robot Bastards because it shares their aims, or simply because it suits its own purposes. Certainly none outside the Bastards know for sure. Whether the Ampersand would be able – or willing – to even use its fellows as raw materials for its creations is another matter that is yet to be tested.


The Ampersand is clearly mechanical, with a robotic body and limbs, ending in hooked hands and reverse-articulated ankles. Its body is a garish bronze and purple colour, with steel-grey highlights. The Ampersand has no visible facial features beyond a single large, green lens.

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