Animus wearing his costume.

This article, Animus, was written by MrFluffman. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

"I was human once. And then I received my divine mission, and I've never strayed from the path. I will continue this fight until I die."
—Animus talking to the Council of Light about his origins.

James Sorenson/Animus is a superhero created by MrFluffman, and one of the main members of the Council of Light. His name comes from the latin word for soul.


James Sorenson was a good man, who worked as a soldier for the CIA. One mission, though, he was killed by a former friend whom he had betrayed to do what's right. Dying, he was sent to Heaven, and a mysterious figure (possibly God) told him his mission was not yet done. He was then sent back to Earth in a strange new form, where he embraced his new mission eagerly as Animus!


Coming Soon!

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