Early LifeEdit

Anthony James Michael Smith IV was born August 8th 1984 in a trailer of an acrobatic legend, Anthony Smith III the inovator, of some of the greatest moves, he created the perfect handspring, corkscrew quadrouple back flip. His mom was a performer as well, the wife of Anthony Smith III. He was raised to be an acrobat, his cousin was a global MMA champion 4000-91, a legend. He was taught in the ways of MMA by his uncle, and he performed in front of thousands of people with a circus. Bruce Wayne was still distraught over the death of Jason Todd, and was searching for a Robin just like Dick Grayson. He traveled the world to see a tragedy at a circus, looking for the child acrobat. Its crazy, but true. Batman was inluck one night, however Anthony Smith IV was not. His parents were shot down by a crazy employee of "The Joker". Batman, went down to the stage after everyone had ditched, and the bomb had exploded searching for the young boy of 6 years. He was found lying next to his parents, sobbing his eyes out. Batman felt nostalgia sweep through him like a dust buster in a dirty room. Batman, for the first time in his life embraced the young boy. The young boy cried into Batman, for the first time in his life Bruce Wayne was almost as emotional as when his parents were killed. 

Living with Bruce WayneEdit

Bruce Wayne adopted the boy, and Anthony James Michael Smith was trained for 8 years by Bruce Wayne in secret as Tim Drake was portraying Robin for the time. He wanted to make the perfect Robin, he did not want to suffer like he did when Jason Todd was killed. At age 14, Tim Drake had been supposedly killed.

Tenure as Robin 1998-1998Edit

In 1998, Robin with Batman exploded onto the scene of Gotham. This robin was the most excently trained Robin BY FAR in Batmans eyes. He had the prowess of Dick Grayson in Gymnastics maybe better, he had the fighting spirit of Jason Todd, and the unbreakable will of himself. He could beat Batman in a fight which was impossible for all other Robins. He was however, an animal on the field fighting crime, a TOTAL WAR MACHINE. He was extremly agile, and his gymnastics were considered super human. Batman did not know how a person could move like that, with that much ease. He was almost impossible to conquer in a hand to hand fight. He was shot 16 times, and stood up and broke the guys arm. He was a dare devil, he liked to jump high. He was also extremly smart, due to recieving the best education via Bruce Wayne. But one day, his risks costed him, as Joker  was just too cunning to beat. Joker, shot Anthony directly through the heart, while he lay dying he said to Bruce Wayne "Bruce....Dad.....I love you", and with that he faded into eternal rest.
Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.51.29 PM

As Robin in his custom Robin suit

Return as the Red RobinEdit

He was recovered from his grave 10 years later and put into the pit of Lazarus and bathed back to life. He awoke, and said ".....were am I", Talia replied by saying "your alive". With that, he screamed "WHO ARE YOU!!" He said, "how long has it been". She eventually replied "uh, I don't know how to tell you this, but you have been dead for well.... 10 years, you lied buried and decaying, when I brought you hear, you were just bones". He said "impossible". She said "look in the mirror, your 10 years older than you were". He escaped from Talia Al Ghuls clutches just days later using his sheer ability. He wanted to find Batman, and come join him as Robin again, after all he loved his dad. He arrived in 2009, dressed as "Red Robin". He arrived, stalking Batman being tortured by Two Face after capture, so was the new Robin. He jumped through the glass window, and shattered it, the real Red Robin was their to so Batmans mouth gaped, so did all of theirs, as this man fought off all the goons with amazing ease. Then in one moment, Batman saw him perform a manuever that brought back all of his memories of Anthony Smith. He performed a handspring spin hook kick. Two Face fleeded, as he attempted to flee, the imposter Red Robin threw a version of a batarang at his left foot keeping him their until the authorities arrived. He freed all of them, and said "Bruce, its me I have returned, and im back to reclaim my mantal as Robin". Batman let out a slight chuckle and said simply "Damian, get rid of this joker", and Damian tried to kick him but was knocked out cold. The real Red Robin tried the same thing and was beaten down by the imposter. The fake Red Robin unmasked, and said "its really me", and from their Batman fainted. Batman was brought back to the Batcave, along with the others. He put them all in their beds in wayne manor, and he slept on the cold floor of the batcave. The next morning Bruce went downstairs, and breakfest was made for him, he thought he had a dream last night that Anthony had come back from the dead like Jason Todd did. He was creeped out, that breakfest was out, while Alfred was still asleep. Bruce Wayne, went down into the batcave, with a cup of coffee, and heard a kicking bag being smacked silly! He looked, and it was the person he dreamed about. Bruce just watched in awe, how he was just that good. Anthony did not see him, he planned to try and wake bruce up, and tell him and try and reassure him. Bruce looked on, but Anthony eventually saw him and they just stared at eachother for a solid 5 minutes. Eventually Bruce held out his arms looking for an embrace, he ran to Bruce and hugged him. They cried on each others shoulders for 8 minutes down in the Batcave. Anthony said "last night was real, im back, Talia Al Ghul bathed me in her bath I am alive and well". He said "my I please take up my role as Robin again". Bruce replied "I have a son with Talia, his name is Damian, he was the Robin last night. You know the other Red Robin? Anthony replied "no", Bruce said "that was tim drake". Bruce loved Anthony like a son to much to just throw him out. Batman said "join the bat family, but under this new mantle I have designed as a backup Robin Costume mixed with my dark costume. Batman showed him the costume, he tried it on and later that day they all fought Joker, and Anthony got his revenge, and got Joker sent to Arkham Asylum once again.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.47.12 PM

As Red Robin

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.54.45 PM

His new mantle "Blackbird"

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