Anti Superman was cloned, by the Government of the United States of America. The president, saw Superman as a threat when he became president, and wanted to terminate him for good. He wanted to create someone powerful enough to destroy the Justice League. He asked Superman for a blood test, to see if he was on Steroids (which he made up). He gathered a hair sample, and a blood sample. He asked all the Justice League to come in for a blood test. He had tricked them into giving all their DNA to him. They put him through a secret cloning project done at Area 51. His brain was programmed with the Martial Arts knowledge of a grand master of every martial art ever created and all secret martial arts. He could resist the truth lasso, it was impossible to kill him with any kind of weapon, human, superhuman, or alien. But, they did create an achilles heal for him, with having a chip impanted deep within his heart, it was the only way to hurt him. It could kill him, if used lethally. He was told to, hog the spotlight from all the other heros. As in, when they were about to save the day, he did.

First Skirmish Against SupermanEdit

When Superman was saving someone, he came in and nailed superman in the chest sending him through 2 buildings. He screamed at Superman "leave this place", Superman said get over here. Superman tried to attack, but he realized he was outmatched by this new guy EASILY injuring Superman and breaking both his legs, arms, and his neck. He snapped Supermans back into 2 pieces, and threw him down from the top of the Metropolis a broken man unable to move. Every bone in his body was brocken, or shattered. Superman, could not use his powers due to being neutralized by him being a broken man. 

First Skirmish Against BatmanEdit

Batman attempted to avenge Superman, and come and kill Anti Superman, but Batman was left in literally 2 pieces cut off at the Torso dying, and Damian Wayne was eviscerated by Anti Superman and his remains destroyed. 

Destruction of the Justice League baseEdit

He flew into Space, they tried to fight him, but he was to powerful, 800 super humans died that day. Only the main leaders of the Justice League could escape alive. Everyone else was killed. The fight was lost by the Justice League before it began. 

War against the Justice LeageEdit

They had to call upon, every super hero on the plant to try and fight him, and all villians. They fought long and hard, until it all paused when Superman showed up, he said "we have a score to settle". Superman turned a color no one had ever seen, so did Anti Superman, they were sorrounded by Spheres of power. They fought against each other until Earth was almost destroyed. Superman could not hurt him, but he found out his weakness, flew down to earth, took the clicker and tortured him into madness. He was brought to a new Justice League base, and surgery was performed to take the object out of him, and the mind control device inside him.

Turn to Being a super heroEdit

He was awoken, in the mess of a lab inside of the Justice League base in space, a year later. He had been dead for a full year. Earth had been restored. He awoke, with the intent to kill everyone. But, eventually due to the mind control devices and achilles heals being gone, they were able to reason with him. Superman knew, he was amazingly powerful, so he was sent to go help fight the war all across the Universe as a General against the invaders on Green Lanterns Planet. As soon as he got their, he compeletly out flanked the armies of the invaders. He led the troops to a victory that wrecked the moral of the invaders compeletly. The invaders were forced to leave.


Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.53.34 AM

As a villian

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.54.56 AM

As a hero

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