Armored is a Ironman "reincarnation" in the future. He also seems to resemble "War Machine", to. Armored's Suit.

Bio Edit

Arnold Freeman (a.k.a "The Man in Armored") was born in the year 2273. He is one of the only few humans on Earth. What happened was in the year 2263, A scientist named "Dr. Smith" created a super-robot that can do anything and sold it to the people of the Earth. After it being a huge sucess, He created "The Brain", a supercomputer that controls all of the Super-Robots. But, someone has hacked into the The Brain 3 weeks after it was made and made every Super-Robot go crazy. After 3 weeks this happened, half of the world's population is dead. It is unknown who hacked the computers. After 10 years, The only Humans were in hiding from the Super-


Robots. There were about 100 left. So that was when Arnold came in. When he turned 5, He was put in training by the strongest and wisest and oldest man in their colony, Wu. After 19 years, he has gained his Black Belt and the smartest man has created a Super-Suit that will allow him to fly, and it will give him Super-Strength, Super-Speed, and everything else more powerful. After being given the suit, The Smart Man gave him a name, which is "Armored". He later goes out on the crust of the Earth and tests out the Super-Suit. Everything the Smart Man said was true, he even destroyed a few Super-Robots. Well, basically, he destroyed every Super-Robot and then The Brain and the colony of the remaining humans comes out from their hiding places and celebrates. Later, in the year 4001, The Earth's population returned the way it was in 2263.

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