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Summary Edit

It is the year, 2647, 94 years after the last war between Humanity and the Covenant. The once strong alliance between them has become...well...rather fragile. After small riots begin to appear, the peace is only hanging on small threads. But when the Elite's former leader, Thel 'Vadamee, is imprisoned by a rebel named Koug 'Masteree, all chaos breaks out.

The Elites have broken into two factions; the Elite Loyalists who are supporting the humans, and the Rebels, who are focused on killing all humans.

The humans are in disarray, stunned by the war that the Elite Rebels have forced upon them, and have lost hundreds of civilians before finally making a small comeback.

With all that is going on, how will peace settle over the distraught forces? And what if something else, something sinister, arrives, and threatens everything that is alive?

Stories Edit

Ascension: Prologue Edit

DATE: 2647, APRIL 9


Thel 'Vadamee stood in his office overlooking the capital. His armor glinted slightly in the light as he sat down, sighing. He keyed his COM.

"'Jeanaree, alert me of any visitors."

"Aye, sir."

He leaned back, and began to breathe deeply, and slept...

"Sir, someone's here to see you."

Thel awoke with a start. 'Jeanaree sounded...different; nervous, even.

"Let him in."


The doors opened, and in marched an Elite in bluish Ascetic armor. The armor had two just of steel on the jawpiece, which serve to intimidate others. Thel nodded towards him.

"Greetings, Koug 'Masteree."

'Masteree was one of two survivors of the HONOR Program. Thel felt the lives of those 998 Elites weigh upon his shoulders. He had never forgot what it was like to lose 998 talented Elites...and win two extraordinary ones.

'Masteree nodded towards him, and said, "Excellency, have you ever felt we should not be allied with the humans? As in, stop our communications?"

Thel frowned. "No. Why?"

'Masteree stepped forward, drew something from his hip, and activated his Energy Sword. The blue blade sprang to life in his hands. Thel froze. As calmly as he could, he asked, "'Masteree, what are you doing?"

"You believe we should stay. I say, it is time for change. And you, unfortunately, would stop this change. So, I am afraid you can't be a part of it."

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Ascension Chapter 1: Uprising Edit

DATE: 2647, APRIL 16


"Jason! Get a grenade out there!"

A black-clad ODST soldier drew something from his belt, and threw it at the Elites who were trying to break into the HQ. Plasma bolts flew around them, impacting onto the building, and blowing away chunks. A muffled explosion erupted, and someone screamed.

It had been a week since the Elites had glassed the first planet; a week since they started attacking the humans; a week since they shocked the human world. Before then, Sergeant Major Jimmy Strider had been training recruits for the next ODST squad. Now, he was leading them out to battle, and watching them die.

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Ascension Chapter 2: Rebellion Edit

DATE: , APRIL 10, 2647


"Are we to allow Koug 'Masteree and his followers to obliterate the humans, our friends, our allies, while we sit on the sidelines and mope?"

So said Elten 'Sithinee as he stood on the same podium that Koug 'Masteree was on, a day later. Below him were the remaining Elites, maybe a thousand strong, their colorful armor making a small rainbow in the crowds.

"No!" they roared, their voices echoing in the room.

"Then, what should we do? Do sit disgracefully in the corner and wait for Koug 'Masteree to kill or imprison us? Or do we go and fight with honor, and save hundreds of lives? I leave the choices to you, but I will fight."

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Ascension Chapter 3: Arising Edit

DATE: 2647, APRIL 16


"This," growled the Ice Bear, Iofur Byrnison. "Is the planet we are to conquer next." With his furred paw, he pointed at a mainly blue sphere holograph, surrounded by the green of land, and the fluffy white of clouds.

In front of Iofur were a cluster of around ten Ice Bears, all looking intently at the holograph. From a distance, Ice Bears could be mistaken for polar bears, yet when seen close up, they are massive, at least twice as large as their younger cousins, and they stand on their hind legs. They're deadly as well; one blast from their icy breath and the victim is a victimsicle.

The Ice Bears listening to him, like Iofur himself, were members of the Iceberg; an elite group of tacticians that planned battles and invasions. One of the bears, known as Arcadius Wang, stood from the ice chair he was sitting on.

"With respect Byrnison, why this planet? Why travel this far, when we have such planets in our backyard?" The group murmured in agreement, though none spoke outright.

Iofur bowed his head, and said, "There is a certain creature on this planet." He waved his hand over the hologram, and it transformed into a picture of a polar bear.

Shock rippled over the crowd, and then calmed. Arcadius stood again. "What is this? Surely, it is just a cub on their hind legs."

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