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DATE: 2647, APRIL 9


Thel 'Vadamee stood in his office overlooking the capital. His armor glinted slightly in the light as he sat down, sighing. He keyed his COM.

"'Jeanaree, alert me of any visitors."

"Aye, sir."

He leaned back, and began to breathe deeply, and slept...

"Sir, someone's here to see you."

Thel awoke with a start. 'Jeanaree sounded...different; nervous, even.

"Let him in."


The doors opened, and in marched an Elite in bluish Ascetic armor. The armor had two just of steel on the jawpiece, which serve to intimidate others. Thel nodded towards him.

"Greetings, Koug 'Masteree."

'Masteree was one of two survivors of the HONOR Program. Thel felt the lives of those 998 Elites weigh upon his shoulders. He had never forgot what it was like to lose 998 talented Elites...and win two extraordinary ones.

'Masteree nodded towards him, and said, "Excellency, have you ever felt we should not be allied with the humans? As in, stop our communications?"

Thel frowned. "No. Why?"

'Masteree stepped forward, drew something from his hip, and activated his Energy Sword. The blue blade sprang to life in his hands. Thel froze. As calmly as he could, he asked, "'Masteree, what are you doing?"

"You believe we should stay. I say, it is time for change. And you, unfortunately, would stop this change. So, I am afraid you can't be a part of it."

He swung his sword.

Thel dodged, and activated his own sword. But 'Masteree was too fast, and he had already swung his fist. It struck Thel directly on his head.

And all he saw was darkness...

"Attention! All Elites who despise the humans, heed me!" 'Masteree roared out from the podium. "Join me, on my crusade to destroy them!"

Some roared in agreement, while others looked on uncertainly. He still needed to convince them.

After knocking out Thel, he had put him in a cell, locking him there. He could have killed him...but he still needed him.

Then he gathered all Elites into a large room, and stood on the podium, trying to convince them to destroy the humans.

One Elite stood up, and asked, "Why should we kill them? What have they done to us?"

"I'll tell you what they did." He growled. "They made orphans of me, and many others. They cut me off from those I loved! And now, we are to live peacefully with them? I say, we should repay what they did to us, blood for blood!"

"So, will you join me?"

Hundreds of Elites roared in agreement, though others stood in place, silent. One of them, he noticed, was Elten 'Sithinee, the only other survivor of the HONOR Program.

Another Elite stood. "What if we do not wish to join you? Will you kill us?"

A chorus of boos echoed around, until 'Masteree waved them away.

"I will not kill you, unless you dare stand against me. As for your other question, if you do not join me, walk out now."

A handful of Elites walked out of the stadium, leaving 'Masteree with a formidable force.

He smiled inside his helmet. This was too easy.

"Daddy, DADDY!"

Seven-year old Daniel bounced up to his father. "Daddy, look what I found!" He held up a small frog. "Can we keep him?" Can we, can we?"

James smiled, and ruffled his son's hair. "Sorry Danny, but I think he's already got an owner."

Daniel's smile faded. "Bu-but...who's his owner?"

James took the frog from him, and held it up to the sky. "Mother Nature."

Overhead, bulbous shapes appeared. Covenant ships. He frowned. What are they doing here? The bottoms appeared to heat, glowing a deep red.

Why were they here? The only time they came with the butts heating was when-

"Emily! EMILY! We gotta get outta here! We gotta get outta-"

The ships fired...

...and glassed the world, along with everyone on it.

Protagonists Elten 'SithineeJimmy Strider
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