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DATE: , APRIL 10, 2647


"Are we to allow Koug 'Masteree and his followers to obliterate the humans, our friends, our allies, while we sit on the sidelines and mope?"

So said Elten 'Sithinee as he stood on the same podium that Koug 'Masteree was on, a day later. Below him were the remaining Elites, maybe a thousand strong, their colorful armor making a small rainbow in the crowds.

"No!" they roared, their voices echoing in the room.

"Then, what should we do? Do sit disgracefully in the corner and wait for Koug 'Masteree to kill or imprison us? Or do we go and fight with honor, and save hundreds of lives? I leave the choices to you, but I will fight."

He backed away from the podium, his white armor glinting in the light.

An Elite from the crowd stood, and said, "You have my word, Honorable One. I will fight along side you."

'Sithinee nodded respectfully towards him in response. "If anyone else will fight, stand."

There was a small commotion as every Elite in the room stood. If they were to engage 'Masteree's forces in a fight, they would be drastically outnumbered, maybe six to one. However, his forces were more experienced. Still, if they could whittle his forces down a little, enough to give the humans a chance, he would do it. Even if he had to die.

"Well then," he roared. "What are we waiting for? Grab your weapons and equipment, and follow me. We're going to give 'Masteree a little surprise..."

DATE: 2647, APRIL 16

"Maneuvering thrusters, now!" barked Elten 'Sithinee. They had followed 'Masteree's forces to a human planet, and were in the process of taking down his ships. 'Masteree's flagship had transitioned to Slipspace, probably because he was afraid. As he should be, thought 'Sithinee.

As of now, he was fighting two of 'Masteree's ships. Not impossible odds. Not by a long way.

"Sir," one of the Elites yelled. "Plasma missed. Tracking trajectory...plasma will hit us in 32 seconds."

'Sithinee cursed under his breath, and began calculating in his head. "Heat all turrets, and use one through four to take down the plasma bolts. Fire five through seven at the nearest cruiser."

The Glorious Crusader shuddered as plasma was fired. The four plasma bolts chased after the enemy's playing a game of tag. Vora 'Mistamee, his weapons officer, worked his maw nervously as he twiddled with the controls, trying to hit the plasma bolts, and after a while, with success.

The other two were shot out of the air by the enemy. 'Sithinee looked at the enemy ships, thinking of a strategy, when he saw something white flash against his eyes. He narrowed his eyes, and saw what seemed to be a bomb. A nuke, made by humans, dropped here, and presumably forgotten.

"'Mistamee, charge a turret, and hit the object at heading three two. Keep the other six turrets hot, and fire those six on my mark at the remaining ships. After firing, I want you to divert all energy to the engines and turrets and back us away from here."

"Aye, sir."

If Vora was perplexed, he didn't show it. The plasma burned its way through space, and even as it struck the nuke, the Glorious Crusader was backing away, well out of range for the nuke to damage them.

A crackle, and then an explosion bathed both of the enemy cruisers in white heat. Their shields flickered once, twice...and then faded.

"Fire all turrets at the cruisers! Now!"

The plasma bolts ripped through their hulls, killing everyone aboard instantly. 'Sithinee sighed. A victory. But the battle wasn't over. At least, no yet.

"Take us to heading four seven. It's time for us to chat with the humans."

Jimmy was aboard the Tiger's Fury, waiting for his next orders.

The Tiger's Fury is a cruiser, one of the most powerful starships made by humans. It had three Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, or MACs, and maybe 300 Archer Missile pods. If the Elites could destroy this ship, than they are one son of a gun.

A Navy captain walked through the doors, and Jimmy saluted him.


The captain waved him away, and as Jimmy sat down, he said, "They're back."

Jimmy wrinkled his nose in confusion. "Sir? 'They'?"

"The Elites. C'mon, I'll show you."

Jimmy walked with the captain to the bridge of the Fury. There, he could see a cruiser, bristling with plasma turrets.

"Ready the MACs; one heavy round apiece. Fire Archer missiles A1 through B5."

"Aye, sir", said the junior officers, rushing to do their tasks.

"Sir," one of the lieutenants said. "They're hailing us!"

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room changed from cold determination to utter shock. What could they want with us?

"Put'em on the screen."

An Elite in white armor appeared, his blue eyes blazing.

"Humans, I, Elten 'Sithinee, come with a message. I am not here to harm you, but rather, to aid you in your battle. Recently, there has been a split in our government; those who are posed on killing you, and those, like me, who wish to stand by your side. I will gladly fight, and die by your people."

The transmission cut, and the screen faded to black.

The captain was the first to recover. "Cancel all weapons systems, divert all energy to the engines, and bring us to heading four seven. We need to talk with them."

As the Fury sidled forward, the captain continued, "We're going to make sure that those bastards who attack us get a piece of their own medicine."

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