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DATE: 2647, APRIL 16


"This," growled the Ice Bear, Iofur Byrnison. "Is the planet we are to conquer next." With his furred paw, he pointed at a mainly blue sphere holograph, surrounded by the green of land, and the fluffy white of clouds.

In front of Iofur were a cluster of around ten Ice Bears, all looking intently at the holograph. From a distance, Ice Bears could be mistaken for polar bears, yet when seen close up, they are massive, at least twice as large as their younger cousins, and they stand on their hind legs. They're deadly as well; one blast from their icy breath and the victim is a victimsicle.

The Ice Bears listening to him, like Iofur himself, were members of the Iceberg; an elite group of tacticians that planned battles and invasions. One of the bears, known as Arcadius Wang, stood from the ice chair he was sitting on.

"With respect Byrnison, why this planet? Why travel this far, when we have such planets in our backyard?" The group murmured in agreement, though none spoke outright.

Iofur bowed his head, and said, "There is a certain creature on this planet." He waved his hand over the hologram, and it transformed into a picture of a polar bear.

Shock rippled over the crowd, and then calmed. Arcadius stood again. "What is this? Surely, it is just a cub on their hind legs."

Iofur shook his head. "You are mistaken, Arcadius. This is, from what my reports can say, is a polar bear. I would like to invade this world, and capture a few for examination. Perhaps they are our ancestors, but we cannot tell until we have evidence."

Arcadius worked his jaw nervously, considering Iofur's words, until he finally said, "Are there any...defenses we should be aware of?"

Iofur nodded. "A few cannons, but nothing we cannot handle."

Arcadius gestured to the group of Ice Bears, and they all stood. "We will consider your request, and give you our answer soon." The Ice Bears filed out of the room, until Iofur was alone, with the holograph.

The polar bear wasn't his real reason to travel there, but he didn't dare say that. Rather, he had been contacted by a strange being, who said that-

The Ice Bears came back in, with Arcadius at their lead. "Your request has been granted. State the forces you are taking, and they will be under your command in three days' time. We expect you, out of all bears, to succeed."

Iofur bowed gratefully. "Yes, your Honor. I will uphold your will."

As the Icebergs filed out, Iofur fiddled with his holograph, until it transformed into the figure of an armored hunchbacked creature. Its armor glistened a blue light, and two steel blades protruded from the jawpiece of the helmet. The hologram, surprisingly, began to speak.

"Did they catch the bait, Byrnison?"

Iofur nodded respectfully. "Yes, 'Masteree. I will arrive with a fleet of ships and warriors under my command."

"Perfect..." it whispered, and then faded away.

The Tiger's Fury touched down on the Covenant Glorious Crusader. Technicians hurriedly made a ramp for the Elite to cross on as he made his way onto the human ship. Elten 'Sithinee walked unarmed and alone through the hallways of the ship, and made his way to the bridge, where he was meant to meet the ship's Ship Master.

When he made it there, he saw that the Ship Master stood in the center, surrounded by personnel and soldiers. The soldiers, he noticed, were armed, and the guns were pointed slightly in his direction.

The Ship Master waved to his direction, and 'Sithinee walked over. "Greetings, human."

The human tipped his hat in return, and said, "Please, call me Walker. Name's Walker. And yours is...?"

"Elten 'Sithinee." 'Sithinee replied.

"Alrighty then, pleasurties aside. Mister Elten 'Sithinee, what brings you here?"

'Sithinee grunted, and then began to talk.

"As I explained when I was hailing you, we have split into two factions; the Rebels, and the Loyalists. I am a member of the Loyalists. The Elites that your forces were fighting were the Rebels."

"So," Walker inquired. "Do you have a plan?"

"Indeed I do. If Koug 'Masteree, their leader, has a flaw, it would be that-"

'Sithinee was cut off by a startled and very frightened junior officer on the bridge. "Sir! Incoming contacts; I'm reading two, four...ten ships, sir. Rebel ships."

Walker cursed under his breath. "Outta the friggin' frying pan..."

Koug' Masteree was fuming aboard his cruiser, the Dark Vengeance. At any other time, he would have commented about how the ship's name suited his purpose, but he was still in shock after hearing that two of his ships had been defeated by a single Loyalist cruiser. It had to be Sithinee; who else could it have been?, 'Masteree thought.

He should have anticipated the fact that 'Sithinee would lead the attack. Now, because of his mistake, he had lost two ships of soldiers.

'Masteree grumbled and shook his head. Now would not be the time to brood. Besides; they will be avenged.

He had hatched a plan with a race, an Ice Bear. In three days' time, they would arrive at Earth, and with his aid, kill the humans. In return, he would give them the technology and research logs to keep them busy.

But for now, he would have to settle for the ships he had at hand.

"Assemble all available forces and have them jump to the same planet as before. Have them ready for combat."

"Aye, sir!" an Elite yelled, and then spoke again. "Sir, only nine ships are currently ready for fight. The others are being repaired or refit."

'Masteree cursed under his breath. "Get ourselves ready for jumping."

"Sir, jumping in"

Ten ships appeared to boil in space. There was a flash, and they disappeared.

Protagonists Elten 'SithineeJimmy Strider
Antagonists Koug 'MastereeIofur Byrnison
Events HONOR Program
Factions Elites (LoyalistsRebels) • Ice BearsUnited Nations Space Command
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