DATE: 2647, APRIL 16


When Jimmy heard that an Elite was coming on board, he wasn't exactly that thrilled. They were the reason he and half of his squad were fighting for their lives. Still, orders were orders, and Jimmy had no choice but to grab his rifle, and walk next to the captain.

"Now, remember." Walker had said sternly. "Don't shoot until he attacks me. I don't care how much you hate those bastards, you shoot, you will be facing me in court. You understand, soldier?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Alrighty then. Set up, and stand near the door." Walker gave him a hearty slap on the back, and Jimmy walked to his post.

A minute later, the Elite came in, dressed in pale white armor. To his surprise, the Elite was unarmed, and alone. Jimmy still didn't trust him, and kept his gun aimed at the Elite, his trigger finger resting lightly. Better safe than sorry.

Walker waved the Elite over, and he walked over. "Greetings, human." The Elite's voice boomed across the room, loud and threatening.

Walker tipped his cap. "Please, call me Walker. Name's Walker. And yours is...?"

The Elite seemed eager to please, and hurriedly said, "Elten 'Sithinee." Jimmy resisted the urge to laugh. 'Sithinee? What type of name was that? He struggled to keep his emotions under control, when Captain Walker spoke again.

"Alrighty then, pleasurties aside. Mister Elten 'Sithinee, what brings you here?"

'Sithinee grunted, and then spoke with his booming voice. "As I explained when I was hailing you, we have split into two factions; the Rebels, and the Loyalists. I am a member of the Loyalists. The Elites that your forces were fighting were the Rebels."

Walker looked a little convinced, but not quite. "So," he asked. "Do you have a plan?"

'Sithinee nodded, and said, "Indeed I do. If Koug 'Masteree, their leader, has a flaw, it would be that-"

Lieutenant James, a junior officer on Walker's bridge, suddenly let out a strangled yelp. Everyone turned to look at him. "Sir! Incoming contacts; I'm reading two, four...ten ships, sir. Rebel ships."

Jimmy's blood froze. Two ships, they could handle easily. Four? With a little luck. Ten? Time to get their funerals ready.

Walker swore under his breath. "Damn. Outta the friggin' frying pan..."

Koug 'Masteree felt a feeling of joy as he saw that there were only two of the enemy's ships, against his ten. They didn't stand a chance; not at all. So he wasn't going to kill all of them. No, he would take 'Sithinee hostage, to prevent the Loyalists from attacking him, while their leader was held captive. He smiled.

"Fire all plasma turrets at the enemy human ship! On the double!" he barked.

Tendrils of plasma leaped out towards the human ship, intent on ripping it to shreds.

Meanwhile, the bridge crew and everyone aboard were busy evacuating onto the Covenant ship, where they would have a better chance of survival. "'Masteree will want to capture me, not kill me. I assume he will keep me hostage. Therefore, they will only attack your human ship."

Walker looked at him skeptically. They were betting everyone's lives that the Elites thought like that. "And, how, may I ask, do you know this?"

'Sithinee turned his head toward him. "I trained with him for a while. As I was trying to say before, it is quite simple to anticipate what he will do next. His fighting styles include revenge attacks, saving his own life, and then taking hostage of others."

Walker suddenly clapped his hands. "I got an idea. Make sure everyone is on this ship, on the double."

As they moved out, 'Sithinee said, "What exactly are you thinking of?"

Walker cocked his head. "Since they're only gonna attack our ship, I was thinking of activating our nukes, to get'em."

'Sithinee grunted. "And what will we do?"

"I was thinking...maybe we could jump outta here."

A black-clad ODST walked into the room and saluted. "Sir! All personnel are aboard the ship."

Walker grinned. "Its showtime..."

Space boiled around the Covenant ship as it prepared to jump. 'Masteree grunted. He should have known that 'Sithinee would jump to save his life, but no matter. He could hunt him down later.

For now, the humans would be killed.

As the plasma tore into the human ship, 'Masteree felt a shudder run down his spine. What type of trap might they be brewing? Either way, he wasn't going to find out.

"Get us out of here! On the double!" he barked. The other Elites, though surprised, carried out his orders, and his ship sped away from the others.

He was just in time.

The nukes, had been activated, and exploded as soon as the plasma torpedoes struck them. The blast enveloped his entire force, and when it had subsided, only three of his nine ships were intact, albeit severely damaged.

'Masteree growled angrily, and struck a panel in rage. It was simply destroyed by his blow, and sparked feebly afterward. His Elites looked at him warily, wondering if they should make a run for it. However, he recovered quickly.

"Get us out of here. Now."

Nobody dared to complain. Within seconds, the ships had disappeared once again.

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