Atlas Girl
Created By: AlphaShenron
Origin: Superhuman tampering; Genetics incident
Personal Data
Real Name: Janice Stewarts
Known Aliases: A-Grl, Atlas Woman, Prima-Grl
Species: Superhuman
Age: Sixteen
Height: 5'9 (Preferred size)

6'1 - 80 ft. (Varied sizes)

Weight: 120 lbs (Preferred size)

220 lbs - exceeding 8,000 lbs (Varied sizes)

Eye Color: Chocolate-brown
Hair Color: Short, silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Highschool student; Full-time caretaker
Place of Birth: Prima City, Earth
Base of Operations: Prima City
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Arthur Stewarts
Known Powers
Superhuman strength, power exceeding 100 men, energy-waves, ability to grow at enormous size
Known Abilities
Incredible acrobatic capabilities, superhuman speed, agility, reactive capabilities, sensory skills
Energy gauntlets, expansion-stabilizer belt, etc.
No additional information available.

"As long as I'm alive, I'll continue to shoulder the burdens of the people around me. It's my sworn responsibility to protect the people of this city. I'm the only one who can."
—Atlas-Grl, stating her obligations to defending the innocents

Atlas Girl (sometimes abbrievated as A-Grl) is one of the superhuman mutates within Prima City and a direct product of genetic enhancements engineering. Her true identity being Janice Stewarts, she is a sixteen-year old sophomore who uses her inherited powers for the good of mankind and believes in the concept of power + responsibility.

Biography Edit

Janice Stewarts is a dutiful and passionate citizen of Prima City. When she was only five years of age, her mother passed away of a terrible incident. Her father, Arthur Stewarts, was broken by the death of his beloved. Determined to keep her father content, Janice morphed herself into a wife-like figure, somewhat identical to her own. Throughout the years, she became more and more like her deceased mother, doting to her father (such as cooking meals, housework, etc.) Grateful for her perserverance, Arthur expressed his admiration for his daughter, sparking an even greater motivation within her.

When she was sixteen years of age, Janice was a rising sophomore at the official Prima High School, an academic foundation native to the city boundaries itself. With the duties of school and home falling down on her, Janice developed into an even more responsible individual. Soon, however, Janice would fall victim to a life-changing genetics tampering incident at Prima Corporations (where her father worked in the science division). Accompanying him on a tour one fateful day, Janice was soon genetically altered by an intense intake + exposure to radioactive chemicals still in the testing phase. Janice recovered from the incident soon after, but to her surprise, discovered that she had developed strange superhuman powers following the radiation intake.

After becoming more aware of the rise in crime within Prima City, Janice soon mastered her newfound abilities, balancing home and school along with her free-time training sessions. Donning herself a special homemade costume, Janice intervened numerous crimes using her new abilities, to which Prima news organizations and adoring fans soon came to know her as Atlas Girl.

Powers/Abilities Edit

As a superhuman mutate, Atlas Girl possesses many abilities surpassing that of the average human, including:

Superhuman Speed: Her speed far out classes an average individual, and she is capable of traveling great distances in mere moments.

Superhuman Strength: Her strength is equivalent to one-hundred men at maximum, allowing her to perform incredible feats.

Energy Wave Projection: She can project atomic energy blasts from her hands via gauntlets that she has on her wrists.

Expansion Abilities: In times of extreme danger, she can raise her height to an unspecified ft. This causes her mass to increase drastically. While her weight certainly increases, her overall appearance is not effected by the gain. This means that while her weight may increase, she looks the same as she does at normal size.

Appearance/Costume Edit

At normal form, Janice has short, dark hair and chocolate-brown eyes. In her Atlas Girl persona, she has short, silver curls of hair and crimson eyes. Atlas Girl's costume consists of special fabrics and homemade touches organized by herself. It mainly consists of a white, sleeveless shirt with red sparkles, red tights/panties, a dark belt and leather boots.

Trivia Edit

  • Her superhero alias is Atlas Girl. This is a direct play/nod to the Greek legend of myth, Atlas, who was forced by Zeus to lift the skies on his shoulders. Atlas is also an expression of "one who shoulders many burdens". Atlas Girl is a direct example of such an individual, being forced to balance both home/school life on her shoulders, as well as having to protect Prima City on a 24/7 basis.

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