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"Tell me something... have you ever faced a Petra-Kinetic before? No? Then watch closely because this will be first, and last time you'll ever face one!"
—Austin protects a group of Humans against some Mutant Alliance goons.


Austin Davis was a student at the Academy for Prodigious Powered Individuals before the Four Year War took place. He was enrolled into the School at the age of 13, after he nearly killed a fellow student at his previous School using his special abilities. He was classified as a Level 3, Mind type, Mutant soon after having his powers examined. Austin was a Petra-kinetic, with the ability to control the forces of Earth. He was never a real prodigy when learning about Math and History, but he was an exceptional student when it came to Sports, Physical Education, and of course learning to use his own abilities.

After the School was bombed by by anti-super terrorists, Austin had escaped by tunneling under the ground, effectively saving himself and many of his fellow classmates. He moved to Paragon City, where he spent what brief time he had before the Nuclear Devastation saving others, attempting to win back Humanity's trust. But his Heroic actions only led to the loss of his left arm. After the Makata Invasion took place, Austin continued to fight for the human's side, winning the trust of a few. This heightened his spirits drastically, which gave his powers the boost he needed to survive the rest of the war.

When the Mutant Alliance returned to power after the Mutants drove off the majority of the Invaders, Austin took sides with last of the Humans by joining the multiple pockets of resistance fighters scattered throughout the U.S. He has been offered a prosthetic arm to replaced the one he lost, but he refused as it shows that he is just as human as they are. He usually works alongside the Ex-Mutant Alliance Super Soldier, Delta 4.

Attitude Edit

Austin has a very forgiving attitude, always trying his best to return humanity's trust during the wars. But this gives him a very stubborn personality, as he never gives up even if the odds are overwhelming. He protects anyone who is in peril, which resulted in loosing his arm after the soldier he tried to protect turned on him.

Abilities Edit

As stated before, Austin is a Level 3, Petra-Kinetic meaning he can manipulate Earth. He can use them offensively and defensively. He can lift boulders into the air, and shoot them forward at nearly 150 Mph. He can create sinkholes to trap his opponents, or enemy land vehicles. He can create landslides, cause great pillars of stone to shoot up from the ground, and even burrow under the Earth. Having power over earth has also given Austin greater physical strength and durability. He also knows a small amount of Taijutsu, which aids him in Close Quarters Combat, and is a skilled Marksman when need be.

Although Austin's abilities allow him to confront ground based enemies, he has greater trouble against air and sea-faring opponents. In order to use his powers, Austin needs to be within ten meters of some kind of Earth, whether it be Sand, Dirt, or Stone. This means he cannot use his abilities if on a boat out at sea or on a plane.

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