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Avarice, posing in the Dawn near the City of Ardor Mechanica

"Maybe I put that power button down there to have you thinking someone as useless as you could turn me on, but it'll take... a lot... more... than that!"
—Avarice, before she knocks a Civilian's head off
"That... will work... Excuse... me..."
—Avarice, after knocking a Civilian's head off

Simple beginnings would tell that Avarice was nothing before she found her soul, but finding a soul in Splice was, at least in her mind, just a cop out for a group of useless, fleshy organisms. She was born, and then she was made. That is how everyone was. Just because everyone was connected to group consciousness didn't mean she was going to give up her own individuality. She tinkered with her own inner workings. Added her own parts that she dug from the wreckage in her hometown, Ardor Mechanica. She found solace in having pieces of the dead inside of her, with firepower that had been neatly regulated for almost a century.

Maybe it was losing her best friend to the death races that set her over the deep end. Maybe she was just fed up of being and acting just like everyone else...

Statistics SpreadsheetEdit

  • Classification: Cyborg
  • Physical make-up:
    • 54% Biomechanics
    • 27% Mechanics
    • 19% Organic
  • Armor Class: Level 1.3
    • Citizen's basic Titanium plating, modified with ceramics and accelerated cooling systems.
    • Additional alloys and hard gemstones are present
  • Weapon Class: Level 1
    • Warning: Any unnauthorized weaponry in Civilian hands could result in a termination of processes
    • Strike Jets in elbows
    • Pulse ray in left wrist
  • All outputs show a 13% increase over standard Civilian statistics.

More to come!Edit

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