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Hero of the Legion of Vigilance
Created-by: SheWhoKnows
Division: Imperium of the Imperialisi
Date Joined: Birth ?
Origin: The Nether-verse, on the world Odidis Imperi.
Medical Conditions: Having transcended the human consciousness, no known medical chart could possibly classify her.
Personal Data
Real Name: Lamia Imperialis
Known Aliases: Balance, Her Majesty
Species: 'Netherus Inferialis'
Age: Ageless
Height/Weight: Unknown
Eye/Hair Color: Brown, White.
Citizenship: Royal passport.
Current Residence: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Possessor, Pariah
Known Powers
Control of light and dark.
Training / Abilities
Already said that dumbass.
Her mind, her body, and the link between the two.
Like Baracuss, and Amalgam, the true limit of her powers are unknown. They are both Class 6 mutants on the classification scale.

Balance is a Class-6 Imperialisi sent into our universe to retrieve her stepsister Pariah. Her powers are control of light and darkness, as being from the world Odidis Imperi she can harness the energies of both Aleonix and Daemonicai.

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