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Bar'thok is the Legion of Vigilance version of Alexander Constantine from Earth-A93.

Bar'thok sans armor

Bar'thok without his armor.

Alexander Constantine
Hero of the Legion of Vigilance
Created-by: Adamantium93
Division: Survivors of Makata Invasion, Super Makata (former)
Date Joined: Unknown
Origin: Mutant, fifteenth birthday
Medical Conditions: Was heavily experimented on to the point of barely resembling his former self. In superb shape.
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexander Constantine
Known Aliases: Bar'thok
Species: Mutant
Age: 21
Height/Weight: 5' 11". 79 lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: Red, none
Citizenship: Formerly US.
Current Residence: A cave.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents: Unknown (Deceased)
Known Powers
Leathery wings, able to fly. Hollow bones. Extreme strength and speed, enhanced senses. Exceptionally fast and efficient healing.
Training / Abilities
Can translate Makatan
Skin tight armor.


His history before the Makata invasion is unknown. He was knocked out of the oil tanker when the Makata attacked and was abducted. He was experimented on, and finally dissected. Realizing that they could not separate his powers from himself, the head Makata scientist used brainwashing technology and genetic engineering to make Alex, now called Bar'thok, the head of the new Super Makata. He is completely transformed, now ruthless and bloodthirsty to the point of drinking the blood of fallen enemies and comrades. He led an assault on the heroes main camp, capturing and massacring hundreds of the heroes. He was defeated by Possessor, but was beamed back to the mother ship with the remaining Makata and the captured/dead heroes. He was responsible for breaking Michael Young's spirit so the Makata could control him. However, Mike used his telekinesis to undo the brainwashing, clearing Alex's mind. He then worked with Mike to free the heroes. Afterwards, he came up with a plan to destroy the Makata fleet. However, they were stopped in the bridge. Alex attempted to kill the Fhurer, but the Fhurer blew his head off with a laser. The severed head rolled to Mike and uttered last words of apology, than asked if he had won their contest for the most kills. Mike told him he won by one kill, to which he responded, "good". Then, he died, or so it seemed.  However, his severed head fell to earth.  Upon landing, only a miniscule ammount of brain tissue survived, but it was enough for his uncharted healing abilities to begin reconstruction.  His ex-corpse is currently healing inside a cave.


Although he used to be a good person, the brainwashing has destroyed his past self. Now ruthless and cruel, he loves to cause pain simply to watch others hurt. He does not take kindly to challenges in his authority. However, he never loses his temper, keeping calm and collected even in the heat of battle. However, after his brainwashing was undone, he has returned to his previous personality.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Alex had large, feathery wings and could fly.


Alex has large, leathery wings and can fly. He also has enhanced strength, speed, senses, and intelligence. He can heal from severe wounds almost instantly. He is also shown draining blood from a Makata until the Makata dies. He is an incredibly good fighter, taking down six Makata simultaneously in seconds. He also personally slaughtered hundreds of Heroes and 1441 Makata. He may be as strong as Mike, but Mike may have just been giving him more to make him happy.


He wears skin-tight armor that moves with him.  Additionaly, he has an implant that allows him to understand Makata.

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