Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Name: Barn Owl

Actual Name: Edward "Midas" Chryz

Origin of Powers: His Suit

Powers: Flight, near invulnerability, ability to shoot metal "feathers"

Equipment: Special "Owlsuit", metal "feathers" he shoots

Weaknesses: Intense heat, intense cold, electro-magnetic pulses

Affiliation: The Guerrieri Di Crepuscolo

Allignment: Good


Edward "Midas" Chyrz is nicknamed so due to his multi-billionaire status. He was said to "turn things to gold" whenever he touched them due to the large quantities of money he gained daily. The only people that he knew with more money than him were his parents. On his 43rd birthday, his parents were kidnapped and shot, and he was shot directly in the heart during his sleep. He awoke, startled and bleeding. He imagined he would be the target of an assasin soon enough, so ten days before his birthday, he ad prepared an "E.H.S.S", an "Emergency Heart Support Suit. It was, due to him wanting to "heal in style", modeled after an owl. He donned the suit, which had a "Heart Power Generator" strapped across the chest. He did not realize, however, his parents were dieing in his mansion's guest bedroom By the time he got to their room, his parents had been dead for ten minutes already. There was a funeral the next day. After the funeral, he dedicated his life to stopping thugs like the ones who killed his parents, and nearly him. He joined up with the Guerrieri Di Crepuscolo, as he had been a good friend of their leader, Bone Seven.

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