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Created by: ghost47
Origin: Science
Category: Supervillian
Status: Alive
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Basilisk
Species: Human (Former)

Mutant (present)

Age: 26
Height: 6 feet 4 inchs (Former)

12 feet 7 inchs (present)

Weight: 150 pounds (former)

250 pounds (Present)

Eye Colour: blue (former)

Purple (present)

Hair Colour: Blond (former)

None/spikes (present)

Citizenship: USA
Place of Birth: unknown
Date of Birth: unknown
Current Residence: Ground Omega USA
Affiliation: Himself
Marital Status: alone
Known Relatives: all dead
Known Powers
Reptilian Physiology
Training / Abilities
Reptilian Physiology
His Natural Weapons

Basilisk is the partner of Abraxx and is a minor foe of Calamity but is a major foe of The Consortium


Born in a science experiment that would give troops the ability to heal wounds on the fly so that they could keep fighting that went bad way bad. The experiment turned him into a freak of nature that was Reptilian in nature. They, the scientists, called him or it Basilisk.

The WarEdit

After Calamity`s hostile takeover of Ground Omega, now The Plane of Chaos, Basilisk has entered a partnership with Abraxx with the promise of survival and food.


Reptilian Physiology: Basilisk has the physiology of many types or Reptiles. He gains a natural form of Camouglage. Basilisk can make his skin coloration copy the coloration of their background. He also can blend in to avoid optical perception. Basilisk can copy the constriction process used by snakes, literally squeezing the life out of people. Basilisk has scales that block blade, blunt force, elements, and small arms fire. Basilisk can climb walls and stay unto ceilings, he does not deny gravity, but has mutative "tarsi" or microscopic hooks on his hands. Basilisk can bite with extremely strong (sometimes unhinging) jaws and teeth. Allows the jaws to clamp onto nearly any subject or target, and able to resist deterioration. Basilisk is capable of resisting hits to the jaw with little to no damage as their jaws are for biting extremely tough surfaces. Basilisk`s teeth are razor-sharp and can easily rip through flesh and bone. Basilisk has a tremendous lung capacity and can use the oxygen very effectively enabling them to hold their breath for extended periods of time while staying active. Basilisk can rapidly heal from minor to serious ills. This can result in a longer life. He can grow missing limbs. Basilisk can detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track with nothing but his nose. Basilisk`s tail can grasp objects such as people,animals, or weapons. Can swing his tail with such force as to kill a living thing, Basilisk`s tongue can also grasp and hold small objects as well. Basilisk`s fangs,tail-spike, back spikes, and claws all produce a deadly venom that kills in amatter of seconds if touched.


Immortaility: Basilisk is in a sense immortal. He heals from every injury and can survive his head being cut off or blown off.


Hunger: Basilisk is in constant hunger for living flesh be it animal or human.

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