The Lab BioEdit

In secret, behind his Batman and Bruce Wayne persona he was also a scientist. Not even Alfred knew of this side of him, or the lab below the Batcaves lowest level. It was built in the 1940s by Bruce Wayne's grandfather. Bruce Waynes grandfather had been working on the cloning project in secret, for 50 years before he died. A year before Bruce Waynes father was tragically killed, he sealed off the lab, and all its contents and left everything to collect dust. More than 30 years later, Bruce Wayne rediscovered the lab by accident when he tripped right over where the seal was and fell through the floor and he could see something. He kept going, and found the secret lab. He took great intrest in the lab, and wanted to create the perfect human. He wanted to use the "perfect human" to take his role as Batman. His company also produced medicine, but he unknowingly one day put pills with chromosomes for the "Perfect Human" and everything needed. It worked, and a the mom of "Terry Mcginnus" picked it up by accident, and took them for her back pain. The chromosomes in the pill were from Bruce Wayne, so she got mysteriously pregnant, and Terry Mcginnus was birthed, compeltly unknown by Bruce. And in a battle as Batman, he unknowingly split his soul in a pie like piece, that drifted to the closest biological relative of Bruce Wayne (Terry Mcginnus). So part of Bruce Wayne lives within Terry Mcginnus

Contents of the labEdit

Batman costumes dlc

Multiple Clones of Bruce Wayne

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