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Battle of Bulgaria

Battle of Turkey
800px-Turkish Army 2

Great Human War






C.O.R.N. victory and Turkey joins the Coalition of Red Nations



Coalition of Red Nations


Turkish High Command

Marc Julianof


Turkish Army

Coalition of Red Nations Armed Forces


50% of the Turkish Armed Forces

Three Legions of C.O.R.N. Soldiers

The Battle of Turkey was a ground, sea, and aerial engagement between the United Nation country of Turkey and the Coalition of Red Nations. It took place in Turkey circa 2027.


In the months before the attack C.O.R.N. had argued much on how to capture Turkey. Eventually however a plan was formed, an efective plan.In the Black Sea a bomb was dropped setting off a Mega Thenaumi. This devistated the Northern Coast and many civilians were killed. With many people trapped in thier own homes the Turkish goverment sent troops to help them. They also spent alot of money saving people and this politically divided Turkey as some wanted to use what money they had to raise thier defences. With the Northern Coast devastated, defences lower than ussual, and politically divided the Coalition asked them yet again if they would join. When Turkey refused they immediatley attacked.

First WaveEdit

Scarab Walk

An Anti-vehicle Allio Corruo was part of the first wave startegy during the Battle of Turkey by C.O.R.N.

The Coalition struck hard in a matter of hoours after Turkey's refusal. They simmutaniously attcked from the west and east. In the West a fleet of Red Destroyers attacked Istanbul and Izmir. In the East ten Anti-vehicle Allio Corruos led by the Supervillian Istur attacked Van and Kars. With great momentam they swept through the outer provinances but were eventually stopped when the Turkish got an organized defence going. This however was suspected by C.O.R.N.

Commando RaidEdit


Communist special forces being briefed before the mission.

When the Turkish set up thier defence the Coalition sent legions of soldier at them. However this was only a distraction, the real plan was to send the best commandos they could spare to every major cities powerplant. The commandos,lead by Istur, went to the plants and disabled them. However when they got to the captital's powerplant they met resistance by a squad of Ettins. The C.O.R.N. commandos were skilled but no match for the british's superior gear. With his squad gone Istur took out the British squad by himself and then disabled the plant. With power out in Turkey they were once again vulnerable.



The Red Tank was a major part of the Communist Blitzkrieg.

With Turkey vulnerable they pleaded for help from the U.N. however the U.N. said they could not help at the current moment,this was a lie. So the Coalition then sent thier jet fighters over all of Turkey to bomb thier air-fields. With this done they put in motion Operation:Cheetah,for the operation was a Blitzkrieg. Three Hundred Red Tanks with four legions of foot Soldiers, and Plasma Tanks sped through the Turkish defences until they were haulted by Turkish Artilery. This however may have been a problem if it had not been for Istur, who an hour later singlehandly destroyed All of the artillery batteries. With those gone they once agian sped through the defences until only the cpital remained.

Fall of the CapitalEdit

800px-Turkish Army 2

The Turksih Army defending the Capital.

With only the capital remaining Istur personally led the charge of all the Coalition had to take the capital. With thier defences weakening by the day, and supplies starting to run low many Turkish wanted to surrender. However the Turkish generals knew the odds and knew if they held out long enough that help would arrive or the communist would retreat. However they never got the chance to test this as on the third day of attack on the captital the Turkish President personallys surrendered to Mark Julianof. With the capital taken the Turkish knew there only choice was to join the communists. So just a few hours later after the surrender Turkey joined the Coalition of Red Nations.

After the AttackEdit

446px-Scuba troopers

U.S. Navy seals in 2027.

With the capture of the country who had the second largest armed forces in 2009, the communists celebrated and eagerly planned for the next attack. The average footsoldier on both sides who had survived the battle were rewarded. One of note was Istur who was awarded the Coalition version of the Medal of Honor. This was laughibly short-lived as near to the same minute that the last awards were handed out the unthinkable happened. The Coalition had believed the U.N. would not help Turkey, this however had been an international lie as half the fleet of Red Destroyers had just suddenly been destoyed. The Coalition had thought they wer safe in the western harbors, this was a poor location as when everyone was celebrating teams of United States Navy Seals had put charges on the war-machines and dissapeared back into the darkness. However with no proof the U.S. claimed that it was not them and was probably a new Turkish rebel group. This deeply angered the Coalition as they were not in condition to attack North America.

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