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Ben "Shark" Greene is an American Marine in the Heaven Ops section of the IPPP. He is recognizable by his shark-faced mask and symbol.


Shark wears the standard Marine body suit. He has a custom helmet made of light steel. It is shaped like a gas mask, but instead of a filter on front, there is a massive underbite-jaw that is suppose to represent a shark's mouth, but looks more like a piranha. Shark uses the standard SCAR.

Early LifeEdit

Ben was an Army medic in America. When his friend Walter came to him asking for his help to find missing friends and family in the England terrorist attack, Ben agreed. They went to England to search. When they arrived in London, they were attacked by the returning terrorists. When Heaven Ops Marines came, they asked them for help. At the Heaven Ops camp, Walter asked to join the Green Marines, and Ben promptly followed. They were transferred from the US Army to Heaven Ops where he became known as Shark.

Heaven OpsEdit

Ben had always wanted to join Heaven Ops, so he had no problem fitting in. He changed his name to Shark, and continued his role as medic. He designed a snub-nosed shark symbol, which later became his face mask design and badge.

Early OperationsEdit

Shark was placed in a trench with his friend Walter, now called Dagger. He notified Dagger of incoming trucks. He helped attack the terrorist trucks and tied up the prisoners.

End of the WarEdit

Shark was placed in Stone Squad, Ray Company. He participated in the final assault on the terrorists' headquarter ship. He helped Razer navigate through the ship to the bridge. When Razer was attacked and wounded, Shark shot the attacker and patched up Razer's wounds. After Dagger set the charges to blow up the ship, Shark and the rest of the squad moved up to the deck and attempted to board the rescue helicopter. Before they reached it, an explosion cut them off. The ship began to capsize, and the helicopter could not stay. The marines jumped overboard, where they were rescued by a seaplane gunboat.

Infection OutbreakEdit

Before the terrorists ship sank, the terrorists fired a missile that separated into several smaller rockets that landed in several cities around the world. The missiles released a toxic virus that infected the bomb squad, turning them into brain-dead zombies. Shark and the rest of his team was sent to New York City to stop the infection from spreading.

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