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Bengal is a fictional character created by Gage Evans and Bobby Jones-Bussing. He is a supervillain and the arch-rival of Shade, a superhero from Tokyo, Japan. Bengal gained his powers though the practice of Chi, a rare form of life energy.

In a recent study of his DNA, Big Brother has determined that Bengal is an Umbral, a human with unusual, yet powerful abilities.

Created by:
Origin: Chi Transformation
Category: Supervillain
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Yuri Okomoto
Known Aliases: "Demon"

"Beast of Evil"

Species: Human/Umbral
Age: 39
Height: 6' (When in human form)

7'1" (When in creature form)

Weight: 245 (When in human form)

368 (When in true form)

Eye Colour: Brown (When in human form)

Burning Red (When in true form)

Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Citizenship: Japanese-American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Mobile
Affiliation: Alliance of Evil
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Can heal wounds with Chi life force, peak human senses, can leap up to 20 feet high, sharp claws used for combat, can also transform from his human form to creature form at will.
Training / Abilities
Exceptionally masterful in many forms of hand to hand fighting, can see in the dark, can smell his victims at up to 30 yards away.
-Joined the Alliance of Evil in 2013.

-Was classified as an Umbral by Big Brother in 2014


Bengal's real name is Yuri Okomoto, a young man who was born in Tokyo, Japan. He went to the same school as Shade, and later on became a student of his. Yuri discovered Chi while training in martial arts with Roy, and wanted to learn more about it. Looking up this "life force" online, Yuri found a way to conjure it, and he started to practice the art at the local dojo, the gym, and even at home. Roy felt concerned when the two fought to complete Yuri's training. Roy tracked him down only to find Yuri as a hideous beast. He was then known as Bengal.


  • Animal-like senses; can smell his victims at up to 30 yards away, can leap 20 feet into the air, also features sharp claws used for combat.
  • Peak human strength and senses.
  • Masterful at hand to hand combat.
  • Capable of seeing in the dark.
  • Can heal with the Chi life force.
  • Can transform between human and true forms at will.


  • Joined the Alliance of Evil in 2013.
  • Is the enemy of many honary superheroes such as Captain Cosmic, Hurricana, even Triton.
  • Is the suspect behind over 200 deaths in Tokyo.
  • Is the murderer of James Li, Shade's prodigal brother.


Bengal is a Class 4 (Artifact, Body), due to his innate ability to heal with the Chi life force, and his powerful, animalistic true form, as an Umbral. He is defeatable, but can last awhile before he gets tired out or weakened.


  • The name Yuri Okomoto is a knock off of Jin Okamoto, a player in the Magic : The Gathering Pro Tour of 2003.
  • Shares a long, growing hatred for Roy Li, also known as Shade.
  • The reason behind Yuri's transformation is blamed upon his misuse of Chi, and that he summoned and stored to much inside him, which had negative effects on his DNA.

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