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The Black Veil is a cult led by Sophia Kazakova, who took over after killing the previous leader. The cult is devoted to the worship of the demons Malum, Glacies, Caliga, and Incendia.


The cult was formed by a rogue elder, Lord Joshua Gruban with the intention of taking over Italy with the help of demonic powers. In Sir Gruban's time, the cult was mostly small, leading small raids, attacks, and assassinations. When Gruban was 56, he was killed in battle by a young Sophia Kazakova, who promptly took over.

The Shadow Fellowship
Demon Lords MalumGlaciesCaligaIncendia
Protagonists Natasha AlexandraAnna TysonJames
Antagonists Sophia Kazakova
Factions Black VeilShadow Fellowship
Locations Ice CaveFire CatacombsWater LabyrinthShadow Forest
Stories #1: Black Veil#2: Shadow Fellowship#3: Lady of Fire

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