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The current Blackhawk
Created By: MrFluffman
Origin: Murdered Grandpa; Martial Arts training
Personal Data
Real Name: Abel Kane (deceased)/John Blake (current)
Known Aliases: The Midnight Avenger; Boy Scout Man (joke)
Species: Human
Age: 49 (now deceased); 26 (John Blake)
Height: 11 ft (Kane)/ 7 ft (Blake)
Weight: 239 lbs (Kane)/ 245 lbs (Blake)
Eye Color: Brown (Kane)/Green (Blake)
Hair Color: Brown (Kane)/Black (Blake)
Biographical Data
Nationality: African (Kane)/American (Blake)
Occupation: Policeman (Kane); District Attorney (Blake)
Place of Birth: Philadelphia (Both)
Base of Operations: Philadelphia (Both)
Marital Status: Single (Kane); Married (Blake)
Known Relatives: N/A (Kane); Wife (Blake)
Known Powers
Technology User (Both)
Known Abilities
Agility, Speed, Strength
Utility Belt, Infrared and Night Vision Lenses
Kane was KIA in the Great Superhuman War fighting Eviscerator shortly before Shade arrived. Blake is married (his wife remains unknown), and downed the Blackhawk mantle during the final days of the war, aiding Shade in a battle with Baron Ruthless, punching him in the mouth. He remains Philadelphia's most legendary vigilante.

"I think that the Great Superhuman War was responsible for putting the "hero" in "superhero". The amount of our friends who died valiantly is sometimes to great to count. The Blackhawks are the perfect example of heroism. I'd like to give them my regards... Abel never said die, no matter how much opposition was pushed against him, and Blake... he may be new to our... community of sorts... but in that short time he has proven his worth, fighting ferociously against anyone who threatened his friends. For Abel, who's funeral we are attending, I only say farewell. For Blake, who is in mourning, and who was with me in the final battle with Baron Ruthless, well, he throws a mean punch."
—Shade at Kane's funeral (speech written by Animus).

Blackhawk (Abel Kane/John Blake (current)) is the proud holder of the title "Philadelphia's Most Legendary Vigilante", and a superhero. He was created by MrFluffman, and is applying for a position in the Enforcers of Earth.


Abel Kane's grandfather was murdered, leading him to travel for several journies to foregin areas. Returning to the US, he took the name Blackhawk (after his grandfather's favorite bird), and began a crusade against crime, vowing to avenge his grandfather. During this time, he allied himself with Shade, Captain Omega, and Darkness Man. He was one of the first to fight in the Great Superhuman War, but by that time, he had reached an advanced age. He engaged in a battle with Eviscerator, who wounded him multiple times, even cutting his wrists, before Shade arrived and defeated his enemy. Blackhawk then died, and was given a hero's funeral, even gaining a place on the Superhuman Memorial Wall.

Ironically, the second Blackhawk also had his grandfather killed, this time by Baron Ruthless during the Great Superhuman War, as the supervillains stormed Philadelphia. Angry and thirsting for revenge, John Blake, the District Attorney, broke into Abel Kane's house and stole the Blackhawk equipment (how he knew who Kane was, and how he knew where to find it remains a mystery), joining forces with the other heroes (Great Superhuman War #5-6) to battle Ruthless, even teaming up with Shade in the final battle, punching Ruthless in the mouth (New Blackhawk #1, Great Superhuman War #7)

Following the end of the War, Blake was admitted into the Superhero's Union and put on a reservist list for the Enforcers of Earth. He was spoken kindly of by Shade in his funeral speech for Abel Kane, and continues donning the costume every night. He has briefrended Soothsayer and Darkness Man, as well as a friendship with Shade. He now patrols the streets as the new Blackhawk, taking down criminals and then procecuting them by day as John Blake, DA.

Blake has earned his own share of scars in his time of being a superhero. He has a long scar running from his neck to his pants, which he credits to his battle with Tornado (New Blackhawk #16). He also has a bare patch of skin on his forearm, with no hair, bleached pale. This apparently came from a battle with the Human Cancer, who touched his sleeve.


  • Shade- Aside from the first team up, they have had minimal interaction. A casual friendship.
  • Soothsayer- A villian turned hero, Soothsayer has befriended Blackhawk, as they both share a belief in hard justice.
  • Darkness Man- Darkness Man often crosses paths with Blackhawk, Philadelphia being close to New York. They have formed a tenative friendship.
  • Knightstar- Another vigilante of Philly, Knightstar, a heroine, often patrols with and helps Blackhawk. She is often speculated to by his wife.


  • The original Blackhawk was inspired by Stan Lee's Batman and Amigoman (slightly).
  • John Blake is a fusion of Harvey Dent (before Two-Face) and Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond).
  • Blake's wife has been a source of mystery and confusion for many fans, although the most popular theory is that she is the heroine Knightstar, who has teamed up with Blackhawk many times and also patrols Philadelphia, however, the quest continues.
  • Blackhawk's original codename was Darkhawk, and then Shadowhawk, and then Nighthawk, until becoming Blackhawk do to copyright restrictions.
  • One of his scars is located near his *ahem* lower regions. He refuses to reveal how he gained it, claiming, "It was embarrasing."

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