Blake Thomas Martin aka BladeMaster is a character created by Taylor Riley. He is a vigilante who resides in the fictional city of Greyborne, he specialises in fighting with any type of bladed weapon imaginable, particularly his twin katanas, Salvation and Damnation, several daggers and throwing knives, and countless more. He became BladeMaster after his parents and girlfriend were killed in the middle of a gang war. He has no powers to speak of but is capable of greater-than-average feats due to training non-stop for seven years in Japan. He will fight with bladed weapons, his bare hands even explosives and gadgets, but he has a psychological aversion to guns and will not use one under any circumstances.

I would prefer if other people would refrain from editing this page since I created this character a long time ago and it means a lot to me.

Costume and Gear Edit

Costume Edit

BladeMaster wears a hooded long black coat over a full-body suit of black body armour, his signature item of clothing is his grey metallic mask, which features a red outline of the scar running through his eye and down his cheek.

Weapons Edit

BladeMaster has an arsenal of bladed weapons so large he can't possibly carry it all, thus he usually takes what he feel is suitable for the mission if he ever has time to prepare, but the weapons he always carries are as follows:

  • 2 Katanas (Salvation and Damnation)
  • 4 Daggers
  • 2 Ballistic/Rappel Knives
  • 5 Smoke Bombs
  • 20 Throwing Knives (12 Normal and 8 Explosive)
  • 20 Shuriken with different features (Explosive, Poison, Flash, Electronic Hack, EMP, Cluster etc.)

His other weapons include:

  • 1 Medieval Longsword
  • 1 Scimitar
  • 2 Bladed Brass Knuckles
  • 2 Rope Darts
  • A Flick Knife in each boot
  • 1 Machete
  • 2 Sickle Swords
  • 2 Short Inverted Sword

Vehicles Edit

BladeMaster has two vehicles, the NiteCycle and the BladeRunner (and yes, its named after the movie). These are a gadget-fitted motorcycle and car, respectively. The NiteCycle includes

  • Side-mounted flamethrowers
  • Forward-firing rockets
  • a high-tech hydraulics system that can propel the bike into the air
  • rear-dispensable caltrops

Bio Edit

Origins Edit

Blake Martin was born in Greyborne, VA, on January 9, 1990, the son of Tom, a mechanic, and Laura, a waitress. He attended East Point High School where he met his first girlfriend, Marion Kelly, who was introduced to him by his childhood friend Rachael Burke. At age 18, his life changed forever when he took Marion out to meet his parents at a restaurant in the 7th Street Mall. As his parents arrived a gunfight broke out between the two predominate gangs in Greyborne, the brutal street-toughs known as the Jaggeds and high-class suit-wearing mobsters the Bowlmines. Tom was gunned down by the Jaggeds' leader Robert Steele, Laura was accidentally shot by police officer Michael Burke (Rachael's father) while she was being used as a human shield, Blake and Marion tried to hide in a janitor's closet but Marion panicked and burst out where Steele was waiting and he shot her in the head. Blake tried to fight him but the sadistic Steele instead pinned him to the wall and scarred his face with his knife, letting him live. Blake went to live in his estranged brother Benjamin 'Beni' Martin, who owned his own garage. After two months Blake's grief turned to anger, and he wanted revenge and the means to get it, recalling a story his father had told him as a child, he travelled to Japan in search for a man named Makuno. He found Hiro Makuno living in a cave in the mountains, and after plenty of convincing the old man agreed to train him, for the next seven years, when he wasn't sleeping or eating, he was training, Hiro was a legendary fighter but Blake even surpassed his mentor's abilities and skills. When they both felt Blake was ready, Hiro gave him the gear of an old friend, a former BladeMaster, and he returned to Greyborne a changed man.

Return to Greyborne Edit

Upon his return Blake found his hometown in worse shape than ever, crime was considered a common occurence, and the Jaggeds practically ran the city, with Steele having corrupted every facet of the local law. Blake asked his big brother Beni to help him make the city safe again, since he was a whizz with computers and machinery. By infiltrating Steele's crime empire Blake was able to bring it down from the inside, striking true fear into the hearts of Greyborne's criminals as BladeMaster. During this time Blake reconnected with Rachael Burke and the two of them started a relationship. Steele eventually discovered Blake's identity and kidnapped Rachael. Blake gave himself up and they were saved by an unlikely source, the Bowlmines, their leader Lucius Corbine had just broken out of prison and launched a full-scale attack on Steele's mansion. Blake escaped and fought his way through the mansion killing every Jagged and Bowlmine in his way, but when he reached Rachael Steele had got to her first, he jumped through window and into a nearby car. Blake pursued on his bike as the GPD secured

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