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A soldier of the battalion during a battle

The Blade Battalion was a military unit under the command of a powerful villain, Darkblade. It was the most recognisable and strong battalion in the Mutant Alliance, having succeed numerous missions against the enemy. However, it is a small battalion with no more than 700 soldiers, comprised of both regular and Commando units, all of them specialised in close quarters, supported by infantry carriers and a tank or artillery. It is also one of the oldest battalions as it was created in the beggining of the alliance, when Darkblade attended to Amalgam to join the alliance.

Short DescriptionEdit

  • 700 Total soldiers
    • 550 regular
    • 100 heavy infantry
    • 50 commandos
    • Darkblade
  • 10 vehicles
    • 9 infantry carriers
    • A tank/artillery