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Christopher "Chris" Jackson better known by his codename Blast is a young teenage superhero.

Biography Edit

Chris was born in Baltimore, Maryland to Christina, a single stern mother. He usually hangs around outcast & nerds or keep to himself to avoid the JOCKS and PREPS. His powers first manifested when he was young his body became numb and he felt as if he was burning then his whole body was on fire. Chris and his cousins Andre, Sierra, & Ashley (who also had super powers) try to use their abilities for personal gain such as thievery and beating up gangs & bullies, however Chris & Sierra question Ash’s methods and motives; Dre & Chris begins to question whether they approves of this and Sierra is unable to control her own powers. One day Victor Irvine tried to molest her when his younger brother Jason intervened to protect her and was beaten down by Vic, Sierra’s indirectly contacted her brother & cousin with her mind to come help, Chris arrived just in time however Dre was busy helping Jonny Pierce take on his brother Kane. An angered Chris attacked Victor with punches and fireballs but was body-slammed and easily pummbled by Vic. They demanded that Evander train them but he didn’t give in simply, and said he’d train them if they returned what they stole and apologized. Chris is educated in mechanics, law, and chemistry although not as much as Jason, drives a Ford Mustang, he also trained with his uncle Evander, who he sees as a father he never had.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Chris's primary power is pyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate fire. This makes him immune to most types of heat, he also has thermokinesis which gives him powers nearly equal to the sun and allows him to breathe in outer space. The heat can also heal his body of any pain, injury, or soreness, although it depends on how badly damaged. Chris also has super speed and due to years of training with his uncle he has become a expert fighter.

Personality Edit

Chris is generally a nice person towards people, he's a gentlemen towards females especially when he likes a girl. Chris and Andre have a complex relationship, the two can agree about certain things such as fighting crime but they can dissagree about other things like killing intentionally and using firearms. When Blast is angered he's rude to everyone he speaks to and is willing to kill those he hates.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Son of Christina Marie Jackson
  • Son of Tyrone Jackson
  • Nephew of Evander Jackson
  • Nephew of Jennifer Carter Jackson
  • Cousin of Andre & Sierra Jackson
  • Step-cousin of Ashley Carter Jackson

Weakness Edit

  • Water
  • lack of oxygen (he soon looses that weakness)

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