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Charlie Swallows was born approximately 14.75 years ago, although that depends on which story we're talking about. He is the founder and leader of The Rainbow Gang.

Charlie at school

History Edit

Charlie was born with a lion's tail and blue skin and hair. He later grew a spiral horn on his head when he was about 9. Charlie later realized that his horn could cause him to heal rapidly and it can heal others from illnesses that hey had (except for cancers [leukemia], brain problems [Parkinson's], genetic disorders [down syndrome], and STDs [AIDS]). Later on he found out that he could shoot beams of light out of his skin, in all the colours of the rainbow and he could fly this way.

When he went to school people were reluctant to make friends with him because he was a mutant that could kill them anytime he wanted to. However, with luck, another mutant who was even more mutated and lethal, Carly Curry. They became best friends.

Personality Edit

Charlie is adventurous, playful, daring, and acts like a sweet kid. He is willing to do things which people tell him he can't and plenty of things they tell him he can but shouldn't.

Charlie is very forgiving and polite. He usually says the 'magic words' such as, "please", "thank you", "I'm sorry", "excuse me", "bless you", or "have a nice day" when apropriate. Charlie is social and likes to participate in group events. He is talkative, intelligent, optimistic, and curious.

However, Charlie has a dark side. He can be controlling and bossy to his friends and other people, getting angry or saddened if they don't do what he wants them to. His naive personality often annoys people. Charlie also likes pulling pranks and makin fun of people (notably Old Man Pekins and Drake) and doesn't think about what the person feels after he did it.

Charlie can be described as sadistic, mainly because he takes pleasure in torturing criminals before taking them to jail, and seemingly enjoys watching his team mates suffer injuries while fighting supervillains. He also hurts himself while nobody is watching, usually by digging paperclips/staples into his skin.

Charlie is also a pomosexual.


Chalie's shape is similiar to that of a human. His skin and hair have some kind of blue pigmentation which is why he is that colour. Charlie's skin also have a fourth layer that allows him to shoot out beams of light and color.

Charlie has a tail that is nearly identical to that of a lion's except it is bare (not including the tip) and is made from his own cells. Charlie's lungs also have special properties, in that he can make his voice very loud, causing temporary deafness and can even stun people.

Every one of Charlie's cells can heal rapidly so it is nearly inpossible to kill him except for leaving an object inside him, or to burn him. Charlie's body is immune to all known posions. Charlie's skeleton is coated with an extremely hard mineral, similar to diamond but harder. His horn is also coated with that stuff which is why it can't be removed.