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Blur is a superhero.

Bio Edit

Real Name: Kyle Hogan

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Origin Edit

While working late in his boss's lab, fourteen year old Kyle was attacked by a gang of criminals who broke into the lab to steal valuable notes for a corrupt chemical company. To keep Kyle from talking, they dumped him in a vat of a new chemical that Dr. Avery, Kyle's boss, was developing. But as the old saying goes what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger; or in Kyle's case faster, as the chemical fused with his body chemistry, giving him the power to move at the speed of light. With these new found powers, Kyle decided to clean up the streets of Infantino City. Donning a black and blue uniform designed to withstand his super speed, Kyle became the Blur, putting criminals behind bars before they can even blink.

Costume Edit

Black and blue body suit with a large black area surrounding half of the upper chest and the top of the arms and on the sides of legs, the tops of which form an x at the mid rift, blue helmet with a large black triangluar area, black racing goggles, black gloves with long blue triangles at the end, black boots, white "B" at the center of chest with a lightning bolt at the end.

Powers Edit

  • Super Speed
  • Superhuman Endurance, Agiltiy, and Reflexes
  • Acclerated Healing
  • Molcular Vibration

Enemies Edit

  • the Illusionist
  • Chiller
  • Reverse Blur
  • Vibron
  • Madame Veil
  • Floral
  • Techno Khan
  • Human Rainbow

Weaknesses Edit

  • Acclerated Metabolism
  • Heat Generation

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