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The Blur (Pat Kerry) is a Golden Age superhero.

Bio Edit

Real Name: Pat Kerry

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Gray


Weight:104 lbs.

Origin Edit

Back in 1940, college freshman Pat Kerry was among several people captured by a group of Nazis and taken to Germany to forcibly test a new type of serum. Pat alone was the sole survior, and discovered that the serum had mixed with his body chemistry, granting him super speed. Using his new powers to escape, Pat returned to the USA and vowed to use his new found abilities to combat the forces of evil, so no one would have to go thru the kind of suffering he had. Donning a blue and black costume, Pat battled both super villains and crime syndicates as the Blur, with his fiance', Alexis, as the only one who knew his secret. In 1955, the Blur and the rest of the Justice Union were trapped inside a time warp, but were freed many years later by the Champions of the Earth. During this team up, he met his successor, Kyle Hogan, and returned to Infantino City, where he occasionally lends a hand to Kyle every now and then.

Powers Edit

  • Super Speed
  • Superhuman Endurance, Agility, and Reflexes
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Molecular Vibration

Costume Edit

Blue football uniform sweater with a white "B"and a yellow lightning bolt sewn into it, blue shoes, black football tights, hand gloves, football helmet, goggles

Enemies and their ultimate fates Edit

  • Mr. Mirror (still alive)
  • the Darkness (banished to another dimension in '51)
  • Dr. Destruction (killed by his own robot in '47)
  • the Puppet (burned alive in 1950)
  • the Queen of Crime (old and morbidly obese)
  • the Human Gyro (spun so fast, he left the physical universe in '45)

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