Brainburst is a mutant superhero and leader of the

W.O.W. Agents


A child prodegy, Derek Grainer was only twelve years old when he graduated college, and fourteen when he composed an opera. What no one else knew was that Derek was a mutant with massive telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Recurited by Marcus DuPree, the head of the government agency W.O.W., Derek was trained to use his powers to fight agents of a rival organization named D.A.R.K., and was given the codename Brainburst. Currently, he is the leader of the W.O.W. Agents, having recived the position due to his experience.


Brainburst's mutant gene grants him the powers of telekinesis and telepathy. He is also in possession of a tenth level intellect.


Height: 5'9"

Weight:107 lbs.

Hair:� Brown

Eyes: Blue

Costume: Brainburst's costume looks similar to Spartan from Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.s, but with several differences:

  • Spartan's costume is blue, red, and white; Brainburst's is sky blue and white.
  • Brainburst's mask is part of his tunic, and he doesn't have a collar on his tunic, nor a bracelt on his leg.
  • Brainbust wears white gloves, Spartan's gloves are part of his tunic
  • Brainburst has a picture on a brain surrounded by two lightning bolts on the center of his tunic, Spartan's is bare.

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