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Bronze Basilcock

Carly, showing off her wings

Carly Curry was born around 14.5 before The Rainbow Gang was formed. Her best friend was, is, and always will be Charlie.

History Edit

Carly was born with shiny brown-green skin, wings comming out of her back, a tail, chicken feet, and feathers covering most of her torso. Her eyes were also inhuman. Carly's parents discovered that she had glands in her mouth that could produce extremely toxic venom. She later found out that if she stared into someone's eyes and concentrates, that person will have most of their muscles stiffen and brain be put into a vegetable state. The only way they can come out of this is if Carly "unfreezes" them or is they hear the crowing of a rooster.

Carly was sent to a "special" mutant-only school until sixth grade where she wanted to see how "normal" kids were taught. Needless to say it wasn't very different except that the normal kid's school didn't have "controlling your powers" class. However, she realized that she wasn't able to make much friends (and didn't really keep in touch with the old ones) so she was lonely. However, Charlie Swallows found out that there was another mutant in a school, and decided to change the school he was in to meet her (his parents didn't allow him to go to the mutant school because they waned him to live a "normal" life and the budget was too high). Charlie was delighted that Carly was as willing to become friends with him and that's what happened.


Carly is friendly and caring. She enjoys seeing her friends have fun with her as well as by themselves or with other people and often does things which makes this happen, such as giving them gifts or playing games with them.

Anatomy Edit

Carly's skin is covered in brown-green scutes and scales which glitter in light. Lake all scales, they are made from kertin. Carly has brown-orange hair on her head and feathers of the same colour on her chest, shoulders, and back. Carly's feet resemble that of a chicken's.

Carly's eyes work similarly to that of a human's but have football shaped pupils. They also emit energy which she can send into other people's eyes, petrifying them. Also on her head is a red crown, which chickens also possess. Carly has wings growing out of her back which are bat-like and scaly like her skin. She's able to fly because her bones are lighter then normal human bones.

Carly's mouth has the glands which produce venom. Carly can control how much and what kind of venom she produces. One type of venom is gas-like and not lethal, although it causes pain. Another kind is lethal but death can be prevented. The third kind is a venom that is very toxic and kills people instantly. The only people immune to this are Charlie and Drake.

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