A Hotspot2
"Torch Up!"
Created By: EliteMaster117
Origin: Mutant
Personal Data
Real Name: Le-Bron Roy Armstrong
Known Aliases: Burnflow
Species: Human, Mutant
Age: 14
Height: 5'3
Weight: ???
Eye Color: Brown, White in Burning Form
Hair Color: Black, None in Burning Form
Biographical Data
Nationality: African-American
Occupation: High School, Supergroup (Fighting Five) Leader, Professional Crimefighter
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Can Control Fire (Pyrokinesis), can absorb and release flames.
Known Abilities
Expert in Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, and Taekwondo.
Torch suit, designed by friend's father. The suit is the size of a potato chip, but when Torch Up is exclamied, and Burning Form is ignited, the Torch Suit grows to a fitting size of Burnflow. When flame goes down, suit goes back to it's normal form as a small metal chip, and covered clothes are revealed again, their shell inside the Torch Suit deactivated.
Based off of Hotspot from Teen Titans.

Burnflow, or Le Bron Roy Armstrong, is a teenage superhero, and the leader of the teenage supergroup, the Fighting Five.


As a baby, Le Bron was a mischiveous, and very short-tempered. Le Bron would often get redfaced, and very hot to the touch. This was because Le Bron's powers were not strong enough yet, and had not kicked into their full potential.

3 Years later, at day care, right before going into kindergarten, at the last day of day care, his sixth birthday, there was a fire in the room Le Bron was in. People never discovered the cause of the fire, but it was really Le Bron's powers kicking in. Le Bron's clothes were turned to tatters as the fire engulfed them, but Le Bron didn't suffer a single burn. When the fire department arrived to get the trapped Le Bron out of the fire, it was gone. Le Bron had absorbed the fire. The fire department were confused. They saw the burn marks, and the caved in ceiling, but didn't know where the fire had gone. Le Bron.

4 years later, at the age of ten, his fifth grade classroom was empty, a candle the teacher had lit accidentaly left on. Le Bron had learned of his powers, and acted like he was going tto the bathroom, because he was the only one aware of the fire at the time. Le Bron blasted open the door to the classroom with his newly controllable powers. He walked through the fire, his skin torching up. He was soon a walking fireball, and absorbed the flames. When every kid in the school had evacuated, Le Bron broke out the fire extinguisher, and sprayed the foam all over the smoky room. It created the illusion that Le Bron put out the fire by normal means. Le Bron was awarded a medal by the mayor of Paragon, and given a special A on his P.E. grade for the rest of the year.

2 years later, at the age of twelve, Le Bron located a few other teenage mutant superheroes. Shirley Grey, or Stretchgirl, Terell Williams, or Thundershock, Ricky Dayes, or Telefreak, Jay Myst, or Wetwhistle, and Arnold Deight, or Tiger. Together they formed the Fighting Five, an all teenage supergroup. They fight against numerous supervillains, such as Muck, or Burnflow's rival and archnemesis, Rex.

The Fighting Five has been around for 2 years, Burnflow now fourteen, Thundershock, Stretchgirl, and Tiger the same, while Telefreak and Wetwhistle are 15, and are still not superior to Burnflow.


Burnflow has complete control over flames. Le Bron can absorb and release flames, and when hot enough, will go into supernova mode, where his Burning Form turns white. Le Bron is not harmed by flames, and using the speed made by the flames shot out from his body, Burnflow can literally fly, and is quite skilled in flying. Burnflow can shoot fire out of any part of his body, of any size, but the bigger the flame released from Burnflow's actual body, and not what Burnflow absorbed, will take energy out of Burnflow.

Torch SuitEdit

The Torch Suit is a genius piece of technology created by Thundershock's father, who knows every one of the Fighting Five's members true identities. The Torch Suit is the size of a potato chip when deactivated, and can fit in the back of Burnflow's shirt. Le Bron used to have a problem of his clothes burning off, so when he says, "Torch Up!", and his body goes into Burning Form, the chip-sized suit reacts to the heat, and increases in size, fitting to Burnflow's body. the suit has two layers, the outside is bulletproof, and colored to match the theme of Burnflow. The inside layer is a reflective coat to keep every bit of flames in, while releasing excess heat, helping Burnflow when attacked in hand-to hand combat. Inside the two layers, protected from the flames, are Burnflow's civilian clothes. This leaves his clothes unharmed for the most part, and only warm from the excess heat.


Le Bron is a lively, but always thoughtful, fourteen-year old. He usually shouts, "Take that!", when attacking his opponents, and is loud and outgoing. Le Bron tends to not like to talk about how he got his powers, which is unknown to this day, when asked about them, Burnflow gets very quiet and shy, unlike his normal personailty. When in battle, Burnflow is very focused and often serious, always thinking of Strategic ways to attack his opponent.

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