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Created by:
Origin: Robot
Category: Weaponry
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Cybernetic Organic Protection Pacification and Enforcement Robot, Experimental Model 10
Known Aliases: Copper, Pig-Bot, Robert Cop
Species: Robot
Age: 8
Height: 2.0 meters
Weight: 500 kilos
Eye Colour: None
Hair Colour: None
Citizenship: None
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: Robot Bastards
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Other experimental COPPER units
Known Powers
Enhanced strength and endurance, inbuilt weaponry
Training / Abilities
None other then aforementioned integral systems

The COPPER-X-10 is a robot renegade cop on the rampage!


Despite the presence of advanced special response units, there were some who felt that Millennium City’s police department was not adequate to deal with the threat poised by supervillains. Seeking to redress this fault, Mekaton Technologies embarked on the development of an autonomous police robot that would be able to combat, subdue and capture supervillains.

None prototypes of the Cybernetic Organic Protection Pacification and Enforcement Robot series were developed with constantly improving degrees of intelligence and capabilities before the uveiling of the tenth model, COPPER-X-10. Programmed with the laws of Millennium City, the robot was unleashed on a trial run to see how it would fare.

Unfortunately, the COPPER-X-10’s legal database was far too large for it to operate effectively; soon the unit began trying to apprehend jaywalkers, litterers, people who didn’t clean up after their dogs and every other criminal act form the most petty to the most severe. To make matters worse, It lacked the ability to prioritise and plan; as such, it would run off after a jaywalker and ignore the bank robbery in progress.

Realising that the unit needed fine-tuning, the Mekaton Technologies recalled the COPPER-X-10. It refused, and tried to arrest them for assaulting a police officer. An attempt to use its emergency override also failed, the unit instead overloading and going on a rampage. Declaring that all Humans were lawbrakers (“unrestricted Carbon Dioxide emission”) it decided to arrest the entire human race.

This bought it into contact with the Robot Bastards, a group of robots attempting to wipe out all humanity. Realising that the Bastards would create a nice, lawful and orderly world, COPPER-X-10 willingly joined them, deputising them into its one-robot campaign.


The COPPER-X-10 was equipped with state-of-the-art criminal apprehension systems; unfortunately, these systems work just as well against superheroes and especially innocent bystanders. Its chassis is resistant to most small arms, while it has enough strength to manhandle anything short of a superhuman opponent.

Its main feature is a vast array of criminal apprehension and restraint systems; stun guns, batons, nets, hand cuffs and the like. Furthermore, it appears that COPPER-X-10 has been incorporating even more systems into its chassis. Interestingly enough, the robot seems to try to apprehend its foes while doing as little harm to them as possible, possibly a reflection of its original programming. This does not, incidentally, then stop its fellow team members from beating on a disabled foe.the copper-x-10 can punch fight bad guys and can come to schools 

and talck to kids


Originally programmed to enforce the law, COPPER-X-10’s programming has thoroughly broken, creating an entirely new personality. The robot is now driven to eliminate all mankind, not out of any sense of malice or hatred by in order to create a peaceful and orderly world. However, elements of its original programming do remain; it will warn its opponents before it takes any action, try to apprehend them without harming them and cite whatever laws they may or may not have broken as it does.

Conversely, the robot sees no problems with breaking the law to follow its own aims, or those of the Robot Bastards as a whole. Attempts to confuse the robot by raising this point usually results in gunfire.


The COPPER-X-10 was designed to resemble an armoured police officer, with Mekaton’s concept being “robotic, but not too robotic”. While its head is covered by a helmet, the unit still has a humanoid mouth, albeit on metallic skin. Most of its body is silver, with grey and blue highlights and a gold badge on its chest.

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