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The Cabala Matrix is an ancient Shade weapon that was originally used to feed power to a civilization, but it can also be described as a weapon of destruction as it has some mind-controlling abilities that the Shades might not have realized.


The Cabala Matrix is roughly hundreds of thousands years old. It was created by five Shades who were also known for creating other powerful artifacts. Knowing of its existence, Shade civilization took the Matrix away from its creators and used it as a power source for their homes of origin.

Modern TimesEdit

In 2026, Bishamon Chang discovered the Cabala Matrix and began a hunt on the other remaining Shade artifacts that entered the world through a random universal vortex. After finding the artifacts, much to the dismay of Shade, who teamed up with his old team to stop Chang, Bishamon ordered the construction of a "Verse Portal", in an attempt to transport the Shades to Earth and in the process, cause a Human-Shade war, but he ultimately failed.



  • The Cabala Matrix looks like a sphere with encrypted markings.

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