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General DescriptionEdit

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A Canadian Soldier in the Battle Field.

The Canadian Soldier, also known as Stormtroopers,was the standerd Soldier in the Canadian Army. After Kesh, a new renewable energy resource only discovered in North America, Canada became a superpower on Earth along with Mexico, allowing them to create better equipment allowing the Canadian Soldier to become the feared enemy to the Coalition of Red Nations.They also participated in the North American Wars against the United States and Mexico. They wore standard Canadian armor, which was tough enough to take a .50 Calliber pistol round to the helmet without failing. The StormTroopers also had the standard issue weapon, the M1400 that fired 7.62x54mm bullets & fired one thousand rounds per minute, and was equiped with a new Chainsaw Bayonet. During the Great Human War Canada sided with the United Nations and some members of their armed forces became Spartans.


  • In World War I the Stormtroopers were specialist military troops which were formed in the last years of the war as the German army developed new methods of attacking enemy trenches, called "infiltration tactics".
  • Thier armor is based off the Cog soldier armor from the Gears of War series.